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I am Latoya Williams.....I am 29 years old...I love to encourage and take care of people.....My current weight is 284 pounds....I am ready to make a life change.... 

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May 21,2017

Week 8 was incredibly hard for me....I gained 1.8 pounds....running 5min/walking 5min Monday and Wednesday felt nearly impossible to me... it to mention when I have worked 8 hours standing on my feet the whole time me legs feel like bricks trying to run in the evenings....My allergies were also acting up all week....but through it all I prospered and made it out!! I completed extra credit all week and I completed Ricks stair master challenge this week as well. So let's talk about the 7 mile run on Saturday morning....well I could not have finished without momma Tina by my side...when I was at about the 2 1/2 mile mark She said some of the coaches had been talking and they all agreed that I walk faster then I she made a deal with me..she set the pace and the rule was I have to keep up with her the rest of the time to hold this theory true! She told Robert and I about a study that was done basically saying walking is better then running...well I can attest to that! My knees were not hurting/sore nearly as bad once I stopped running and started power walking and I was able to catch up and eventually pass the persons in front of me.....all the pressure from running is doing harming my body...I actually felt like I was working harder power walking the rest of the miles...I was sweating more and my heart rate was more increased...I averaged a 15:09-15:20 pace power walking with Tina....thank you coaches for making me better and continuing to help us all believe in ourselves especially when we start thinking negative thoughts!!!!!! I will make it to the end of this program and I will finish that 13.1 miles!!!! #boundanddetermined

May 14, 2017

Monday running 5min/walking 5min on the treadmill kicked my butt...I barley made it through...went to weigh in at Rick and Tina's house before we hit Kroger for nutrition class and I had lost another 5.6 pounds...I finally got the number 1 spot for the women's weight loss...I was so happy and proud of all the contestants!!! It did surprise me..I am not by any means saying the workouts were easy last week, but I was not struggling to breath and keep up like I had been so I did not think I would have that significant of a weight loss...I was so happy with it though...Wednesday night we headed out to do our 5min run/5min walk and Coach Ashley coached me and and encouraged me the whole Coach Tina the previous week she was trying to teach me to pick my feet up when I run how to try and catch a little extra speed...sad to say I am still struggling with that...when I run my feet and legs feel like bricks to me...I feel like I power walk faster then I run...but hey at least I am doing it!!! That is what counts!! The past week my knees have been bothering me our physical therapist Andreas put me on a few restrictions for my full squats, no full wall sits, no stairs...every time I even attempt to do one I feel sharp pains in my I will follow his instructions...but I can not wait until I'm back to 100% I need to work on my thighs and getting a bigger/toner gluteus Maximus lol!! I went to extra credit on Tuesday and Wednesday and boy oh boy Coach Rick made muscles hurt in my core, back, neck, and shoulders that I knew existed, but that I did not know my body had lol...those were some great extra workouts..I was sore for days! Thanks Rick!!! I wrote this on my FB page: On Saturday During our 6miles...we were doing walk 5/run 5...but the first time we went to run Coach Mary asked me if I thought I could do 6min running/4min walking...i am so glad she challenged me with that question (CiCi say's "if it doesn't challenge doesn't change you")...well I'm happy to report I did it the whole 6miles...Thanks Mary and Britney Warfel for being by my side and for the motivation to get it done!! Here we come week 8...halfway there!! 😁


May 7, 2017

It's not an excuse but I lost track of time today and by the time I looked up at the time it was 5:45 and I realized I had not turned my blog in by 4 like we are supposed to 😔....This week I only lost 2.4's an improvement but I wanted 3-4 but I know I can't be hard on myself....I am still number 2 in % lost for girls and Octane Orange is number 1 right now....I could not be more proud of my team!! We got the medals and Mike was so gracious enough to get a trophy for the teams to also have with their teams name on it every week!! Thank you all for making the teams feel extra special when they have a great weigh in....Rick showed Jessica and I how to do Jacobs ladder and oh my...that is a full body workout....but I will get on it again and try not to stop for a whole 3min!!! I struggled a bit with my run 6 min-walk 4 min this week when we were outside...I seem to be able to power walk faster than I am running....but the important thing is that I run the whole 4 min even though I struggle...a couple of goals of mine will be to learn to breathe when I run and learn to pick up speed when I run....we have 5/5 starting Monday and I want to stay on friend Candice joined our public runs Wed night and Sat morning and she was saying she wishes that she could be a part of the program and how great she can tell everyone is that is a part of it...Tina and Rick this program touches everyone it come into contact with...Thank you guys so much for doing this!!!! You are appreciated!! I have to add that I was able to get into a dress that I bought 2 years ago and was never able to wear!! I am also finally able to start seeing some of the loss in and around my face and knock after looking at some old pictures and pictures from orientation made me smile from ear to ear!!! 


April 30, 2017

I Just realized that I had been putting 2016 as the year on all my previous posts and nobody told me lol...Well we just rapped up week 5...Monday I found out I lost 5.2 pounds for a total of 21.2 pounds lost....I walked/ran 7min/2min on the treadmill and I made it through...We did stations on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday...Those were great workouts! It was nice to switch it up a bit...guess what? My knee magically stopped hurting this week...thank God for that....Wednesday night on our walk/run again Angie was gracious enough to run by my side and keep me motivated along with her friend Jen...I want to thank them! Jen and I also learned we work at the same hospital...on our Saturday morning walk/run we did 5miles....Stephanie B. pushed me to keep with my 7/3 plan. Thank you for all the support, encouragement, and kind words you give me every week....We used to work together in the same department and I forgot that when I first met her she was doing this program!! We have become closer now and keep in contact weekly! She is a great gal with a good heart! Her and CiCi ran the last part of the the 5 in with me and it made me feel great!!! I can't say thank you enough!! I did my stair master challenge that Rick assigned us this week. The first time I did 100 floors in 41.02 min...The second time I beat my first time and did 100 floors in 35.38min!!!! The first time I did it Alumni Kurt, my team mate Jessica, and her husband David really helped me out and kept me going...A big thanks to them! Great people! So Friday night I completed my 2nd stair master challenge and then got with Kandace to support her doing her's....a gentleman (who is ripped 💪🏼 By the way) that is always working out in there walks up to Kandace and I and say's "I just want to let you all know that you give me strength...sometimes I want to stop, but seeing y'all here at 8:30 on a Friday night gives me motivation to keep going and I just want to thank you all...great job keep it up ❤️!! That made my day!!! Im ready to keep going!!!cool


April 22, 2017

Weighed in on Monday the 17th and I was down another 4.6 pounds.....That makes a total of 16 pounds down for me in the first 3 weeks...I did spin class Monday morning and i have been having pain in both of my knees but mainly the right one. I have been icing it, stretching it, and praying that the pain subsides....I do not want to be injured.....I will make it through this!! Tomorrow the 23rd, we are participating in our 1st 5k for FORMULA FOR LIFE....I am excited to see how well I do...It is getting a bit easier to jog/run, but I need to learn how to breath correctly while doing so and then it will be a bit easier for me...CiCi coached me through our 8min walk/2 min run on Saturday the 15th...She taught me to breath out through my mouth since I can't seem to master breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth yet lol...She really got me through that 3 miles...Thank you so much!!! On Thursday the 20th I did my 8min walk/2min run Rick and Frank were amazing and Stephanie(Alumni) stayed by my side while i was running to get me through it with her encouraging words....This program is awesome and to all the men and women that help out WE THANK YOU AND WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!! kiss 

This week I have really been struggling with trying to find the right combination of food to hold me over until I can eat again....I often feel like I am starving at least 2 times a day....I have to speak to my nutritionist about this matter! I also have been fighting some intense cravings this week. Seeing foods that I can no longer eat, I have been getting a pit in my stomach and wanting them, but I have been fighting the urges and will continue to for my health!!!



April 12, 2017

Week 3 Tuesday was a huge challenge for me...we did sleds for the first time.... I was breathing very heavy and went to do stairs next...before I knew it I felt dizzy and light headed...Tina (being the great caring woman she is) pulled me from the stairs and Jen (my wonderful nutritionist) joined together to check on me! I started crying and said "I look like I'm weak"! They asked me where I would be if I were not in this program and I replied "on my couch"...They said see how far you have come....over 11 pounds lost we don't ever want to here you say that! You are doing a great job!! And now I will think about that day forever! Thank you both so much for the encouraging words!!!!!  

On monday I went to the gym and walked 8min ran 2min for 40min on the treadmill!! I couldn't believe I could do it...and then today the 12th we met at Deer Ridge for our Wednesday night run...and I actually did the same thing on the trail out in the open air!!! I'm am so grateful that yet again Tina and a woman from season 8 (Angie) were right by my side cheering me on the entire time while I ran for that 2min...I haven't ran since high school when they made you do it in gym class!! I am a happy woman and so appreciative of this program and the people who dedicate their time to us!!!! God bless you all!! 




April 8, 2017

Week 2 is coming to a close...Friday we got to use our boxing gloves with trainer EJ....that was a great workout...I'm looking forward to the next time! On Wed nights and Sat mornings I have been just a couple minutes away from hitting the mile marker..I am making it my goal to get there this next week!!! A big shout out to all of our trainers, the volunteers, and Rick n Tina!! We APPRECIATE you all!!!!! 



April 3, 2017

Tonight was our week 1 weigh in...I lost 9.2 pounds!! I am so happy! Every contestant did a great job I'm so proud of everyone! Awesome job octane orange 51.6 pounds lost between all of us! We have to keep this up!! Stay focused!!! Stay positive!!! But God!!!

5a.m. My team and I have decided to come to Spiece and take the spin class before our work day starts!! 

April 1, 2017

We all made it through week 1 sore and all....I really enjoyed swimming this was nice to get back in the pool again although I learned I need to learn to swim again lol....ready for week 2 bring it on!!! 

March 26, 2017

Tomorrow marks the day that our lives will forever be changed....It's go time!!!


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  • Its all the little victories that add up to big wins. This week will turn out to be a valuable week in your learning process. I cant wait till weigh in on Monday so you can feel that feeling of success again. I think it will be a really good one. Way to keep your head up and keep working. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Latoya, I am so glad that God brought us together. We started out as teammates and became friends. You are so amazing!! You just keep on trucking no matter how hard it gets. I admire that about you. And you are always so positive and upbeat. I am so proud of what you did on the stairmaster the other night! Holy Cow! You rocked it. I am so blessed to be your teammate and your friend! Love Ya!

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  • Guest (Ashley)

    Great work this morning, Latoya! 6 miles is a huge should be extremely proud! I know I am! I really enjoyed our time together during Wednesday night's run. You have made huge strides in the past 7 weeks. Remember that during those runs you are only competing with who you were last week. No one else. Everyone's journey is different, and yours is just getting started. Keep up the hard work, and let's hold on to that #1 spot for the women! :) I'm proud of you!

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  • Sad to not have a fresh blog to learn even more about you. Keep up the great work, I know your gonna kick Jacobs butt eventually. !5 weeks goes so fast, keep giving it all you have, you will be amazing. Thank you, Rick and Tina

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  • You are doing great and looking great! Team Orange is rockin' it! Thanks for all your kindness and encouragement. Lets make week 7 the best yet!

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  • Guest (Rose Murphy)

    I loved the ending of your 4/30 blog so much that I emailed it to Anne Davis and JD at Spiece! That is so cool, and it is so true! FWSW inspires so many Spiece members! I am so glad he shared that with you!

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  • Wanted to give u a shoutout for killing your previous time on the stair master challenge. We all came to realize it's no easy task!! Keep working hard and u will keep killing it!!

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  • Latoya-
    Loved reading your blog. You had a GREAT week 5 all together! Love your knee is no longer hurting and I truly believe the more you continue to lose and keep moving the better you will feel!
    You are doing great with your runs and stronger then you know. I love the support the alumni are giving Season 10. The best part of the alumni is they have been in your shoes and they can support you the entire way. FWSW is blessed to have so many outstanding alumni. So happy you gave them a shout out!
    As for the BUFF guy who gave you girls a shout out, its like Rick and I always say so many are watching you all and are inspired by you all. His name is Jared and he is a great friend of ours. He ALWAYS tells us how the FWSW inspire him. He sees how hard FWSW peeps push themselves. YES, you all should shout from the roof tops your all amazing!
    Week 6 here we come!
    Let's do this!
    Tina and Rick

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  • Guest (Jen Hollman)

    Latoya, I am so super proud of you! I am so thankful to have someone like you that is willing to learn and make changes/adjust if I feel something is necessary! I promise we will work on your hunger issue :) Thank you for your hard work each and every day - it is going to continue to pay off in such great ways! I can't wait to continue to watch your amazing progress! Go, #octaneorange, go!!

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  • Latoya-
    Loved reading your blog. Great you are learning how to breathe and as the weeks go by you will get all under control. You are surrounded by a GREAT TEAM who will help you every step of the way:)

    Keep us posted on your knee and we will do all we can to make sure no pain. We can always change workouts and do what is needed to keep you on track.

    GREAT job completing your first 5K! OH WHAT A FEELING! Hope you are celebrating this!! You are making memories and excited to watch the rest of your journey!

    Week 5 here we come!
    Let's do this!

    Tina and Rick

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