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Hello! I am Raeann Mullen.  I am married to my wonderful husband, John, and love being a mother to three amazing children ages 25, 22, and 16.  I am an Administrative Assistant and enjoy cooking, laughing with family and friends, watching my daughter play soccer, walking the Aboite Trails,  traveling-especially to beautiful beaches,  and cheering for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Follow my journey through my blog below.

15/14 DAY#16:  Came to the Extra Credit workout @ 5:30 a.m. ready to go for pool time; Jason, season 7 was my mentor this morning.  He gave me pool exercises to get my heart rate up, i.e. kick board, sprinting, laps and more laps.  Great job, Jason.  Thanks so much!   I appreciate your patience with me! (I hope you didn't mind me naming our dynamic duo "Rae-Jay"!!  HaHa!  Also, thanks to Amy K, instructor,  for pushing the pool workout even harder; you are rocking it!

Visited Dr. Cooper @ FWO (best ortho doctor ever!) regarding my L knee issue.  Dx:  L knee bursa sac fluid retention and  inflammation, and tendonitis.  Tx:  injection, rest/ice and pool for this week.  Can return to regular activities next week, but avoid activities that cause pain (lunges, deep squats and leg extensions.   I was very excited that this can be easily treated!!! Thanks to all my family both at home and FWSW and friends for your prayers and support!  See you tomorrow at the pool @ 5:30 a.m.  EXCITED AND READY TO WORK HARD !!!


4/14/13  DAY #15:   It's Monday,  WEIGH IN DAY.  LOST 2.0 lbs.  Disappointed, but not totally surprised.  I will be one of seven spending "extra credit" with Rick tomorrow.  Also will be seeing Dr. Cooper about my L knee in the next couple of days.  Trying to stay positive because I really want to SUCCEED!   Now on to week three!

413/14 Day #14 Today we met some FWSW Season 7 contestants and alumni at our first 5k together @ University of St. Francis Formula For Life walk/run.  I walked all but the last 50 yards because close to the finish line some of the alumni were encouraging me to run to the end; then Dawn asked if she could sprint to the end with me; which was such a great feeling of success.  Thank you Dawn!  I finished my time in 50:58. I  Will be looking forward to running the next 5K and getting better times.  Also a special thank you to my family, John and Raechel, and friends, Christy and Dean for coming out to support me for this first 5K.  Grateful to all of you.  Afterwards, I went to Spiece to get a second workout in so I went to the pool and swam laps and did pool exercises.  It was a very a good day and I enjoyed finding new ways to spend quality time with family and friends.  Tomorrow is weigh in day...I hope my work pays off!   HOPEFUL for a new me!   

4/12/14 DAY #13  It's Saturday of week two already. Time is flying by!!! This is the first day for the Public Division, congratulations!  I hope each of you enjoy the program and I wish all of you much success towards a new healthy lifestyle.  I was unable to attend due to an out of town soccer game for my daughter, but I am hoping to be there next week.  I did make it in to workout at Spiece though.  I did a 45 min spin class and walked on the treadmill for an hour and worked on leg extension exercises.  When I got home, my family and I briskly walked our dog for another 30 minutes.  So another great day.  Feeling stronger every day.  Noticing that my pants are feeling a little looser so starting to feel some results.  Still nervous for weigh in on Monday; everyone has been working very hard so we should all see good results!  Trying to stay focused on good clean choices for meals and snacks.  Entering everything that goes in my mouth in the My Fitness Pal, which seems to be my new best friend; a good one though!  Drinking a lot of water too!  Looking forward to tomorrow as it is our first 5K Formula For Life @ St. Francis  @ 1 p.m.  Should be a lot of fun.  Once again, so blessed to be a part of this amazing team #7 FWSW!!  The program is hard, but worth it!!!! 

4/9/14  Day #11 Worked out in the pool with the entire season 7 contestants.  It was a great day!  This time we broke out some of the pool exercise equipment such as noodles, and Styrofoam dumb bells used for running, jumping, skipping in the pool, timed "speed" kicking, staying afloat with our hands in the air in the deep end, and crossing our legs and using our hands to stay afloat.  The workout in the evening consisted of a spin class with instructor, Lisa Click, who was FANTASTIC!  Great workout Lisa!  Everyone at Spiece are very helpful too.  Emailed with my nutritionist, Alyssa.  She offered great advice, make sure to eat at least 1400 calories/day since we need to fuel our body for the workouts.  Sometimes this has been hard to do because eating healthy by way of fruits, and vegetables, doesn't add up to a lot of calories.  She recommended eating plain almonds instead of yogurt covered almonds (high in sugar).  Better to eat a yogurt alongside the almonds, keep the sodium intake to 2300-2400 mg a day so I need to really check those labels, and to make all meals at home as it easier to make better choices and you know what is going in the food.  I am heeding this valuable information.  I know I keep saying it but I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful program!!

4/9/14 Day #10!  Today was a great day in the pool swimming laps, more laps, jogging, and using the kick board was quite the challenge for me.  It was deceiving to judge how hard the workout was because the water kept me cool and I couldn't feel myself sweat but I was out of breath!!! I started to realize it after I got out of the pool my legs felt like jelly and now I am feeling a good "soreness" in my arms and legs from the pool workout.  Thank you to Amy for helping me train so hard in the pool and for all of the encouragement you gave me; you are amazing.  Also, I appreciate how supportive alumni Dian was today; you really kept my spirits up and were, as always, very kind!  You are a very special lady.  Thank you!  Thank you, Thank you! I went for a second workout in the evening consisting of spinning and walking on the treadmill for a total of one hour.  So happy that I am exercising and moving a little closer every day to who I really want to be!!!

4/8/14  Day # 9 of the program.  Somewhat disappointing news about my left knee.  Have some swelling and pain; visited the PT, Andreas, (who was very helpful and considerate to me); he recommended ice, an anti inflammatory, and strengthening exercises and that I should spend the next couple of days in the pool for exercise. I was a bit emotional with the news because I really want to stay with the team and work out just as hard as they do and enjoy the spirit and support that everyone gives but know that this will be best for me so that I don't injure myself further.   A very special thank you to Tina Walters for giving up some of her time with Andreas for her own PT so that he could assess my problem.  You are very kind and generous, Tina!  Also, to Rick Walters for taking time out of his morning to explain the strengthening exercises that were recommended. I am grateful to EJ for listening to my concerns and helping me modify the workout today which consisted of some of the following exercises: laps, marching, side squats, front toe kicks, and 3# weights added for strengthening.  Also worked on planks and wall sits! Holy Cow!!!! I would also like to say how grateful I am to alumni--Dian, Jess H., and Amy for offering to go to the pool with me tomorrow and explaining that there were times when they had to workout in the pool too.  I appreciate all of you soooo much!  I am very fortunate to have this group of people to be with on this journey!!!! 


4/7/14  Today is FIRST weigh in @ 6 p.m Back to Spiece for a final morning workout before.  Worked on the elliptical 30 minutes, treadmill @ 3.5 and incline intervals up to 8 then back down again for 20 minutes; then I tried the stair stepper for 6 minutes--boy was a sweating on that--what a workout!  Went to the pool and worked on more leg kicks and laps.  WELL, had weigh in and I LOST 2.6 pounds.  I was hoping for a 5# loss.  I think I need to eat more so I will be focusing on that more this week.  Gave our food diaries to the our nutritionists, Alyssa and Jen.  They will be reviewing them and will get back to me about some positive changes.  The nutrition class was focused on learning a lot about carbs, proteins, and sodium from the black and lime green team's nutritionists Armondo & Ashley.  Very informational and I am going to try to incorporate this lesson in my meal plans.  Thanks so much.  This program is awesome.  Congratulations to Jim Berry; he was this week's most weight loss percentage winner!  I saw you running and working hard this morning!  Way to go!    Also, congratulations to my maroon teammate, Kimberly G, she was the women's winner this week!!! So happy for you! Everyone did a great job tonight with weight loss; let's continue to stay positive and work hard!! A big shout out to the alumni; you are all so helpful and gracious and encouraging !!Thanks so much.  Thanks to Tina and Rick too--you are wonderful people!!!   I am looking forward to more tough workouts and better eating so I can be better!!!!  The first week is over; Now off to bed to start off to a better week!! So grateful!!

4/6/14 I wanted to get a workout in before our first weigh in tomorrow.  Went to Spiece and worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes.  Also, thanks to Jess  for helping me on the treadmill as well, worked on that for 30 minutes @ 3.0 speed- then moving intervals every minute up to 8 then going back down.  I hope your appointment goes well w/ FWO tomorrow:)  It was great to talk with you!!  Then I went to the pool and worked on kicking legs very fast for a minute at a time and swimming laps. 

4/5/14 Spent a great evening with my son, Anthony and meeting up with a lot of his fraternity brothers and mom's.  We had a lot of fun!  He really treated me pretty special; so happy to have him as my son!  A Great Guy!  We woke up Saturday morning and went the SRSC.  We tried a new cardio machine called the "Curve".  It is similar to a treadmill but shaped like a half moon with a thicker tread.  Instead of being electronically operated, I had to use my own strength to walk on it.  I burned 1000 calories in an hour.  He of course, burned 1300 calories and went farther than me but it was fun working out together.  We went to lunch and both ate very healthy salads and ham and cheese sandwiches--we were very hungry.  Then went to church and I came home later in the evening!  Another great way to bond with my kids; we talked, laughed, sweat together.  GREAT DAY!! So Blessed!! 

4/4/14 Its Friday, last day of week one team workouts.  It was another tough workout w/ Amber.  Worked with 3# weights for arms, ( Rick told me to stop bending my arms, and straighten them out--that the body is going to try to do  what is easiest, but I have to tell my mind that I can do it !! and I will!!..,  5# weights  working on squats, did something I have NEVER done before; BURPEE's--Oh My....really tough!!!  I also jumped rope to end the class. Also did some sprints on the basketball court as a warm up.  Brings back the days I played basketball in high school.   Another great day! Tough but it feels good to work hard.  I still have it in me to work harder though; everyday I try to get stronger than the next.   I know it will all be worth it in the end. 

For the second workout of the day, I brought my sixteen year old daughter to work out with me this afternoon; we walked 11 laps on the track and I jogged 9 with a total of 20 laps around; alternating jogging and walking.  We also worked on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  It was great bonding time with her; she is a very special girl.  Very pleased with my workouts today!  Headed to Bloomington to see my 2nd son for Mom's weekend; should be a lot of fun!!!

 4/2/14 Whew!! Today, by far, was one of the hardest workouts I have ever experienced in my life (at least that I remember)  Our team started off the morning getting timed running the mile.  My time was 14:21.  I ran half and walked half...really felt out of shape, but that is what I am here for to get stronger, healthier and fit! Appreciate how encouraging Rick and Mike and Season 6 contestants were!  After the mile run, I went to the workout where the rest of the Season 7 contestants were.  This workout was led by Amber, she is tiny but sure is mighty!!!  Kicked my butt!! working on planks of all kinds!  I have to practice these at home;  Tina worked with me on the correct form and sent me some links to help practice at home. So grateful to her and other teammates that are so helpful!   I think this is the weakest part of my body; but I am going to do this!!  We also worked on obliques by standing back to back with a partner and passing a weighted ball around one side to the other,  etc!  Rick recommended not weighing ourselves during the week; only on Monday weigh ins.  Being a part of FWSW is one of the best experiences of my life; it is HARD and a lot of SWEATING but well WORTH the changes that will be taking place!! I am so grateful that I was chosen to be a part of this team!    

4/1/14  Early morning workouts started with warm up sessions by walking, jogging laps.  Mostly a day of cardio, core, lunges, athletic stances, some boxing moves, stretches!  Great day to be working out.  Also did some walking around the mall to keep the movement going in the evening.  Happy to be making changes in my lifestyle:)


Today was weigh in day; glad that part is over!  Looking forward to working with nutritionists, Alyssa and Jen to teach me about how to make better food choices.  Motivated to start the workouts tomorrow to see a better, stronger, fit me in fifteen weeks!  Grateful to be part of this wonderful team of Season 7 Fort Wayne Smallest Winner!


Just got done with orientation. Nerves are all over the place but I'm excited about this journey getting ready to start.


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