2019 Nutrition Tips & Recipes from Our Dietitians

Each month, Registered Dietitian Christy Bahan, RD LD will share nutrition information, tips, and recipes here throughout the year.  We'll provide them in PDF format so they are easy for you to download and share with family and friends.

Welcome to 2019!  This is the Dietitian's corner!  My name is Christy Bahan, RD LD & I am one of seven Dietitians who work with the program.  I am not able to attend most of the upcoming monthly nutrition talks, so I will be coordinating monthly nutrition posts here that coincide with the planned nutrition topics.  The information is geared towards not only FWSW alumni, but for the public as well!  Please stay tuned to the FWSW Facebook page for the dates/times of the upcoming nutrition talks!


Happy New Year!  Is it time for a New Year's Resolution?

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