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 I am Chuck Cannon and I am so thankful to FWSW for giving me this second chance at improving my lifestyle. I am a husband and father of three and I am determined to include and teach them as much as possible during the next 15 weeks. It is a honor to be apart of Season 10 and I am excited to see where this journey leads me. 

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June 25

Came into week feeling disappointed of course about a horrible weigh-in Tuesday morning but couldn't dwell on it cause it was time to work hard and start working for another big number..luckily I'm still in a good place at 3rd but I know it's gonna take working hard to stay there or advance..on edge but excited a little about the blind weigh-ins coming up..this week I felt like were my strongest runs especially yesterday knocking out two 5ks basically. Want to say how much I love being apart of Season 10 everyone is so good for the program and getting to know them has been wonderful!!






June 18th

Another week in the books..10 miles knocked out jeez 10 miles!! Almost time for 13.1!! Feeling good today making sure to refuel and rest!! Loved to see everyone get those 10 miles in and gain the belief they can do anything!! Another thing I loved from this week was Nitro Navy getting 1st place for the second week in a row. Great job Team! Top of the leaderboard is very competitive and exciting blessed to be up there with those studs. They all make comments on how I push them but truth is they motivate me beyond words. These next few weeks will be hard to keep up with them and will be very competitive for that top spot all in all sounds like some fun!! The ending to Season 10 should be epic!! I would love to hear "the winner of season 10 is Chuck Cannon!!" What a honor that would be. Can't get ahead of myself though got to take it day by day for now happy to be still healthy and getting stronger to finish out the season strong. 

Lets go Season 10 let's continue kicking Butt!!



June 11th

What a week..started off Monday when I lost 9.8..9.8 wow don't know where it came from at all didn't expect it at all after losing 7.8. Also didn't expect to be in 1st place..Unbelievable!! I said in a blog the week before what if Chuck Cannon would be the winner of Season 10 now I'm in 1st place?? I know I can't get ahead of myself cause it's a lot of weigh-ins to go but still happy about being in 1st and to top it off my team won the medals again!! Go Navy!! But with that being said nervous like always about tomorrow cause of how my weigh ins go from week to week.. Good weigh-in good weigh-in then small loss.. So worried more than usual about tomorrow night after a big weigh in like that u gotta have some kind of drop off hopefully not to much though I have to stay in contention..but working hard this week gives me a little confidence from the sleds,stairmaster, and Jacobs ladder challenge from Rick to the German Fest 5k and the 9 miles on Saturday we have been a busy hardworking group this week. So many emotions going on right now anxious yet nervous about weigh ins to see where everyone falls in at but sad because each weigh in brings us closer to the end of Season 10.






June 4th

What a day yesterday.. We did our 8 mile run yesterday some reason I was scared, full of nerves and doubt!! Smh..knocked those things right out!! I finished strong and healthy. I think most of my nervousness was from not being sure if my foot would hold up for a full 8 but I'm so happy to say it did and I got a lot confidence going forward...confidence I'm going to need to catch that leader of ours Mr. Parker Watts who is killing everything weigh-ins and the runs which has given me me some extra motivation to work harder.. Him Berg, Dan, Shawn, and Mike are making this competition very exciting for me a huge reason I wanted to be apart of Season 10. Not to mention they are some great guys who add to a long list of great people involved in this season. Everyone did amazing yesterday, with encouraging each other and actually completing the run!! Excited about the upcoming weeks and confident we will be able to keep this momentum going into the home stretch!!



June 1st 

Down another 7 pounds after Monday.. 7 pounds?? Where did that come from!?!? Lol after losing 2 I got back to running in my head that's the only thing that's make me lose but I know everything contributes elliptical, stair master, and of course the Jacobs Ladder!! Hopefully I can put more weeks together like this to catch the top guys. Starting to see a pattern of my weight loss is big loss decent loss and small loss. I know I gotta stay focused and thankful for every pound lost but I still want to WIN!! What if I was the winner of Season 10?? That would be epic!! This old man beating those 20 somethings lol Body has been sore this week from every single workout and throw last nights run in with completing the sled challenges. Jeez legs are on fire and tonight will be rest night with wifey. Don't think I've thanked her enough for supporting me through these 10 weeks I know she doesn't like me being away as much as I am especially her being sick and soooo tired from being pregnant with Baby Cannon. But soon enough the competition will be over and she will have me in her face and probably be tired of me. All in all this has a been a good week even though it's a tiring one. Looking forward yet kind of scared of the big 8 Saturday...????



Monday I lost 2.8.. Afterwards I was upset because of course I wanted to keep pace with the top losers and wanted to contribute more to my team to get those medals!! After our workout on Tuesday we talked about how God puts us in places at certain times that we need and how FWSW is our rescue for these 15 weeks but I'm a witness that even after 15 weeks that we are a family and this family is always here for you. I remember going through some things a couple years ago and it even being emotional for me to workout when I would get calls from Tina checking on me making sure I was ok or letting me know everything would be ok. With remembering those hard times and listening to all the prayer requests we have before our prayers made me realize losing 2.8 is a good's not what I wanted but its people with things going on that I couldn't imagine so I need to appreciate the life I have and the ability to even workout and lose 2.8..another thing that hit home with me and was said on time was when Micheal mentioned how we all are changing physically and looking good but the hardest part is changing mentally.. It hit home because I have been having cravings for the foods I used to eat this week and it's been rough dealing with them now I know I'll be strong enough not to eat those foods right now during the program but I'm wondering if I feel like this now I'm scared of what's going to happen afterwards!! So going into these final weeks I'm praying for strength to keep working hard, stay healthy, and continue learning ways to live a healthy lifestyle. 






Upset, disturbed and agitated that I've been injured this week nervous and worried about the fact I'm not getting my running in and that I'm not sweating as much and as easy as I usually do when I'm running. It sucks not being able to do something that you know helps you especially when I know it will help me compete!! Mentally I'm trying to focus and get as much hard work/sweating  in as I can and trust my eating is right where I need it to be!  I'm determined not to let this hold me back!! I'll be back soon but will be smart not to hurt  anything else!! 





Happy Mothers Day!! 

Ran 6 miles yesterday felt a few different ways about it.. Felt strong how I was running and wasn't tired and was going strong got upset cause whatever I'm doing I can't keep up with the lead group and competitively I want to lead that group!! Mentally i know I just need to relax and keep progressing though but it's still frustrating!! Also during the 6 miles I encountered some cramping it came out of nowhere.. It sucked cause I was running so strongly!! Determined to have a better run next time!! So I've been icing up, stretching, and drinking water. Overall workouts went well this week and I'm confident weigh in will go well and I'll be able to keep up with the top 5!! I've been sore all week but nothing too serious I've been hearing that throughout the whole group of Season 10 cause our trainers have been kicking our butts lol but we can handle it we r strong!! Excited for the up coming week praying to stay strong mentally and get stronger physically!! Let's go!!





Ive been focusing and working very hard this week on having better results on the scale tomorrow. Even been wearing my "do u wanna lose a snowman" a lot more this week!! Was disappointed by the loss I had last week to say the least. Some encouraging words were given by some alumni and contestants to try to encourage me to appreciate the good that I have done and to be happy because I didn't gain. Goal this week is more than 6!!

In other news I've been asked  what's the difference between this go around compared to my other season and the biggest thing is from what I remember I'm having a lot more fun and just taking the experience in and appreciating it a lot more. I tell them also everyone is working hard and doing it together and it makes working out, something that is hard, it makes it easier...I tell them that people are not just saying Season 10 is doing amazing to blow smoke up your butt, but it is the truth!! The energy around this group is amazing and I'm enjoying it and ready to keep working hard and get our medals back!!



What a week already.. 1ST can't forget to talk about how proud I was Sunday doing the 5k with my little girl she did great she had did only one Wednesday run and a couple walks to the grocery store with me but to get out there and do 3 miles was great(Cannon Style)!!! Means a lot to me also because no matter what she will always remember that and it's a moment that we have to remember forever especially since it was hard and she kept fighting!! Love u Clarissa and great job!! 2ND thing Monday was exciting not just because I dropped another 6lbs but my team got the medals for being Team of the Week!! It's always great for your hard work to be recognize and my team knocked it out the park and worked hard and I'm proud to be their teammate!! 3RD was Tuesday was the start of Extra Credit/Love and it was just like I expected HARD!! Sleds the whole morning then it was topped off with a great EJ workout..legs are SORE!! THEN came Wednesday Rick kept extra credit/love rolling and challenging then workout with CeCe was no joke but it was a good burn and I'm feeling all the workouts right now at work lol But the most memorable thing about today was CeCe talking to us afterwards I was touched like everyone im sure by the honesty and passion she had telling her story and how she felt about the program..I've known her since season 4 and like she said I've never seen her like that but the passion for the program, Rick & Tina, and contestants or alumni she shows is why I wanted to be back apart of FWSW the love and teamwork can't be compared to anything else.  I'm like CeCe I don't get too emotional but today, then hearing Michaelas story some weeks back, and even seeing Rick speak a few times I have been getting choked up a bit..just hearing people's stories and the fight and love they have in their hearts no matter what they have going on in their life is amazing and uplifting to me. I can't say this enough times Rick and Tina are a blessing for putting this program together and allowing these wonderful people to come into everyone's lives. Amazing week so far so amazing I had to blog today lol can't wait to see what's next up!! Go Nitro Navy..Go Season 10






Ending week 4 with a 5k today excited to run in this good weather. It's going to be a lot of people's first time experiencing this type of atmosphere..can't wait to see how they take it all in I'm sure they will gain a lot of confidence seeing they can actually complete a "race"!! Week 4 started a little slow for me personally I didn't have a lot of the energy that is usually there  I was happy to see that I was able to fight through it and handle the workouts still. Felt very strong during the Wednesday run and throughout our Friday circuit workout with EJ.  Mentally I'm in a good place after a decent weigh in Monday and recognizing my body getting stronger and feeling able to take on more. Also I added spaghetti squash to my recipe book happy about that cause I love spaghetti and this is definitely a healthy alternative!! One of my goals coming into Season 10 was to learn different recipes that are healthy to eat and help with the cravings of the unhealthy versions. 

Lets go Bring on week 5!!




Jeez week 4 is here.. what a emotional roller coaster week 3 was..Started the week off losing only 3 lbs I know it's a loss and I should be happy and I know coming off losing 11 lbs it's expected ..but I expect more and of course I'll continue to push to see those results. This week we were pushed to the limits legs are still screaming from "Getting Low" on Wednesday and from kicking in the pool 5 mins straight!! I was Excited that the running is starting to pickup a little more I'm ready to prepare for that Half Marathon so I can dominate it in July!! Loving this 2nd go round with FWSW so I try to take it in every part as much as possible even the intense workouts..loving have family come run with me..loving the group as a whole we r getting after it as a group and having fun while doing it!! Can't wait to see what the scale says tomorrow!! Go Navy!

Cant leave without saying something about the Lil Cannon that's on the and my wife are still in shock but we are happy God blessed us in this way. A couple of years ago I never thought we would be in this situation but we never know Gods plan..We are so thankful for all the support and love given to us from everyone. Didn't think 2017 could be this exciting but it is. Haha 





Week 3 is here and I feel myself getting stronger and stronger! I am back from vacation and starting to get back in to a regular routine now.  I had a good weight loss last week but the key is to repeat with another good week!!  Today we face the scale again!! It's always stressful getting on there even though you have been doing everything right. No matter what happens Week 3 is here and I'm ready to roll!! Go Season 10!




On vacation but still working hard!! Missing everyone at FWSW. Even though I know it's one week it's crazy cause I can see changes in my body and I'm getting stronger I know we have a long way but getting pumped to see what the rest of the weeks will bring!!





What a CeCe workout..I'm at work and my legs are burning!! I know it's day two but I'm feeling stronger!! Love how hard my Navy Team has been pushing through these first couple me the pain doesn't last you will get stronger and stronger!! Let's Go Season 10!!



Today was a long crazy day at Spiece! The day was filled with a lot emotion...Nervousness when meeting all my fellow contestants and seeing some of my fellow alumni again..Excitement to start this journey with everyone..also while sitting and seeing alumni and listening to some of the speeches I felt some sadness because while I'm grateful and honored for this 2nd opportunity I still have a little sadness of having to do this because I didn't keep up my end of the bargain and keep my healthy lifestyle going like I was taught and a little feeling that I let some people down while letting my 1st opportunity go to waste. But I'm also determined to get my confidence back I had after Season 4. When Frank spoke today it hit home for me when he mentioned he ran a certain distance and afterwards he felt "Beastly" it had me thinking back to when I was healthier and how I felt like I was a beast and could do anything I miss that feeling and I'm ready to get it back. So Nitro Blue get ready to rock & roll and kill it during these 15 weeks!!