S11 Upload

Application Video Upload Page

You will require HI SPEED internet access for this process.  This will typically fail if attempting from a smartphone.

Greetings! If you've reached this page, you are ready to upload your season 10 application video for consideration and possible selection as a contestant. We wish you the best of luck.

These instructions are not complicated, they are just very detailed to ensure you have an easy upload experience.

1. Make sure you have downloaded the PDF application and physician release. You can find it on the Apply Now page (which is where you should have come from to reach this page). Fill it out and follow the instruction on where it is to be dropped off (Spiece Fitness)

2. RECORD YOUR VIDEO. Make sure you have verbally said your name in the video for identification. You can use your phone, tablet, webcam, etc. It must be NO LONGER THAN 2 MINUTES in length.

3. If you used a mobile device, hook it up to a DESKTOP or LAPTOP and download the video. YOU CANNOT UPLOAD FROM A MOBILE DEVICE AS THEY CAN TIME OUT BEFORE THE UPLOAD COMPLETES.

4. RENAME YOUR VIDEO FILE to include your name. On most any computer, simply RIGHT CLICK on the file, choose RENAME and change it to your name.



1. NAME YOUR VIDEO FILE BEFORE YOU BEGIN.  LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME  (Thena-Michael).  Replace whatever filename your device gave it.

2. Click the CHOOSE FILE button and navigate to where you have your video and select it. THE UPLOAD PROCESS STARTS AT THIS POINT.

3. DO NOT NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU GET A POP UP WINDOW THAT SAYS YOUR VIDEO HAS UPLOADED SUCCESSFULLY. The upload process can take upwards of 5-6 minutes, even with hi-speed internet. Please BE PATIENT.

If you have any trouble or ANY questions regarding this process, DON'T PANIC!!!  You can email Michael at iscomputerman@comcast.net He will respond between 8am - 8pm.

Upload your video below. MP4, MOV, MPEG2 or WMV formats are acceptable formats.

Once you receive your upload confirmation notice, email Michael (info above) with your name and he will verify the upload was successful.

NAME YOUR VIDEO FILE BEFORE UPLOADING:  lastname-firstname   See notes above.