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My name is Rhonda Jones. I am a mother of 3 beautiful daughters & a Nurse Manager for Parkview Health. I am also an adjunct nursing faculty with the University of Saint Francis. I enjoy spending time with my children, volunteering, quiet moments at home, shopping, & volunteering with the Big Brother Big Sisters program. I am excited to be in a more healthy place in my life & even more excited to be apart of this program! Let's go Racing Red!!  

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My heart is so full right now. Full because of all the emotions, love, support, encouragement & gratitude I feel to watch my brothers & sisters cross that finish line after completing the half marathon. I stood at the finish line because I didn't want to miss each & every one of them finish. For myself, I had already brought myself out of my funk of not being able to do the half & came to terms that even completing the 10k is major when 14 weeks ago I couldn't even make it to the fire station. I  have learned so much about myself during this program & am confident that I have all the tools to succeed. I know I won't win the prizes but winning for me is losing 50lbs, winning is being the healthiest I've been in 20 years & most of all my children having a healthier, happy mom. I am forever grateful for each & every member of the FWSW team for everything they've done, for all their time & support & for their u wavering amount of encouragement. I was talking with Dian (alumni) yesterday about feeling sad about the program coming to an end & she stated " we are a family & this never comes to end". She reminded me that Rick & Tina will always be there along with alumni. I have no doubt that this is the truth! 


Finally coming down off my high of losing 8.8lbs this past week. I felt in my heart that I had done well but never did I think that I did rhatvwell. Trust the process is what runs through my mind right now.  I know that the trainers & nutritionist know what they are talking about but I was still trying to do things the way I wanted too. I can't help but think what would've happened if I was listening as well as I listened this past week. I know Tina would tell me to stay focused on the positive so that's what I'll do & try to have another week like I did this week. Here's to finally achieving a snowman! I'm so super proud of myself?


This week was very trying. Being told I won't be able to complete the 1:2 marathon was hard to hear because I feel like I've worked so hard to get there, but I know that it's best and that my knee probably wouldn't make it that far! I will do my best to rock the 10k though! I have had an excellent week as far as my diet & im hoping that it will pay off & I will reach my 50lb goal (fingers crossed)! I'm getting nervous now that it's getting so close to the end! Everyone is so awesome and made it terribly easy to get attached to them all. I can't say enough about how good I feel & the confidence that I have gained! I ready to see what the next week holds!


This week I completed the most miles that I have done this season and it felt amazing. I did not complete the 10 but the one thing i have learned is to listen to my body and be proud of what i did accomplish. Things are getting down to the wire and i am focused on my 50 pound goal. I do feel nervous that this program is getting close to being over, however, Tina and Rick you have openly expressed that you guys are always going to be here for us. That makes me feel so much more at ease. I do know that I have to stay focused and mindful of food choices and also stay active. I am also on a journey to do positive self talk. This is one thing that Tina has told me time and time again. I do know that negative self talk is part of what got me here. I read an article that talked about writing positive affirmations on a sticky note and hanging them on the mirror in the bathroom so that you see them everyday, and this is something that I am going to start to do. 


I feel unbelievable right now after losing over 40lbs. As I sit here & type type the tears won't stop flowing because this programmed has saved me from myself. My kids can have a healthier, happier, & active mom around to enjoy the things they like to do. The testimonials that the alumni gave today during nutrition class really struck a cord with me. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to gain the weight back & do the program again. I know that it can happen to the best of us but I have made a commitment to myself & my children to be healthy! I can say enough how much this program has done for me. I have never lost 40lbs no matter how hard I've tried. I posted so pics of my progress today because I was having a hard time seeing the results (way too hard on myself) but thank God for all the photos they have provided us with to never forget how far we've come! #FWSW for life??


OMG I feel great today after completing the Germanfest 5k. My kids wanted me to finish in 50 minutes & I finished in 49:45! I was super excited about that! I am on a journey this week to lose big because I was pretty upset with myself for a 1lb weight loss  I know that I probably snacked too much the past week so no more snacking outside of what I have planned & prepped. I also was put in extra credit this week so it will be a challenge to get my challenges in this week. Not to mention work is crazy demanding & my boss & not the happiest that I can't be at work as much as usual. I also have to drive to Indy for my God-daughters graduation that's Thursday evening. So yes time is of the essence this week!


Gosh, what a week! At yesterday's walk/run I accomplished 2 things for the first time. It was the first time I reached the 2.5 mark stop sign in the edition & the the first time I kept an average pace of 15:36 (I think that's correct). Those accomplishments came with a lot of encouragement & support from Tina. Can I just say that there is so much love & motivation stuffed inside that tiny little lady! I don't think that I have cried in my entire life the amount of times I've cried in this program. They are not tears of sadness but tears of hope, joy, perserverance, & accomplishments. I have come a long way since this program started. At the end of the Run many other contestants came back to walk with me & that felt amazing. I was getting so down on myself because of being last all the time but Tina reminded me to continue to focus on myself & how far I've come & that's what I will do from now on! That's FWSW for pushing me to be the best ME I can be. No where to go but up from here??!


yesterday I had a very emotional evening. Ce-Ce stopped me to tell me I wasn't pushing hard enough & I became overwhelmed with emotion. After taking a dive into why I felt that way I discovered it was because sometimes the truth hurts! I know I've not been at my best but hearing someone else say it took me to a place that I don't like to be. I was raised to be strong. I've been on my own since I was 17 years old. My mom was a drug addict & I didn't meet my dad until I was 12. I have endured abuse, watched my mother smoke crack from pop cans while my sister & I sat next to her. I've had to work so hard for everything & have never been given anything. Yesterday for some reason I felt so weak. I felt tired of being last, tired of my knees hurting, tired of my back hurting & tired of not being able to run. I let those emotions get the best of me. Tina told me that your mental ability is just as important as your physical ability & that really resignated with me. If I can overcome all the things mentioned above I can overcome a moment of despair & defeat. I've lost 33.6lbs & ive not been able to do that ever! I will get out of my head & work hard at all times to make the most of this wonderful opportunity that I w been given! Thanks FWSW for continuing to believe in me even when I don't believe in myself!


This week I've been so proud of myself. I've been pushing through despite at times feeling really sad that my knees are not 100. It's tough being injured but I've been set up with a good plan so that brings me new joy! I was extremely excited about my weigh in on Monday. Mostly because i had family in town plus Mother's Day was thrown in there. The nice thing is my sister made food that was good for me & they've learned to stop trying to pressure me into unhealthy food. I even provided a couple of them with some of the info that I learned during a couple nutrition sessions. That felt really good. A heard a few people say during nutrition class that they were frustrated because they are not able to go to lunch or our with friends because of the temptations. I would have to ageee that that is very hard. I love hanging out with friends but 90% of the time we end up in a restaurant. I'm glad that my health has started to mean more to me than hanging out & eating junk!


Wow..today my tears couldn't stop flowing after listening to Lori's words today & the prayer request. Tears because I have so much to be thankful for. After Monday's weigh in I was kind of disappointed in myself because I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted. When in reality I some be thankful for the slow but steady pace I'm moving at. I can't say enough how good I feel & the amount of energy I have. I have not felt this good in over a year. I'm excited to keep on this journey & see what better health really feels like. I also want to say how thankful I am on Wednesday's for the constant motivation. One of them walks/run wilth me each week & I look forward to it each Wednesday. I also want to thank Tina, because every time I want to give up of feel like or feel like I can't finish, she somehow appears & somehow knows that I need that extra ounce of push to keep it moving. I am forever grateful for the gift of new friends, new health, new look, but most of all new family. #FwSw #RacingRed


Im feeling really excited that I saw Andreas today & he stretched & did other rhings to my knee & it feels so much better! On the other hand I feel so behind because I'm not completely able to keep up with everyone during the run/walk. Although I can hear Tina in the back of my head telling me to do it at my own pace! I'm so thankful for the alumni that helps me through the walk/run each week! Again, I can't say enough how grateful I am to be a part of this program!

This is the end of the week & after a small weight loss on Monday I've been really re-evaluating my habits. I wanted to focus on eating less salt & not having days that I didn't plan out my meals. I have succeeded at this thus far. Seeing all the people who lost no weight or even gained made me feel like really kicking it into gear. 


Saturday walk/Run was tough but I did it! My knee would not allow me to run but walked at a pretty good pace! I'm a little disappointed in myself for some of my food choices this week. I did not plan well for the week of many unhealthy dishes being cooked by my family. I regretted it every time. After speaking to Paula during our walk today she gave me a tip of texting the nutritionist to what you're having. Paula says that this allows you to stop & think about choices before making them. She also told me to not let one bad choice turn into a full week of bad choices. I will definitely have to remember that because that was definitely my thought processes. Thanks Paula for the tips! I think I'm going to email Sonya for some extra pep as it's been a difficult week for me. I will start planning today for Easter dinner tomorrow because I plan on staying the course. Let's see how this goes! 


Today started off difficult for me because I lost my step-mother this morning. She is no longer in pain & gone off to a better place. It ended much better due to me being able to complete the 2 minute runs, I had struggliged on Monday & Tuesday evening trying to do them on my own. The alumni Stephanie stayed with me the entire time & im so grateful for her because I could not have done it without her. I thank God everyday that I was provided with this opportunity. I thank Him even more for these awesome people that have came into my life! 


Weigh in done for week 2 & 6.4lbs is what I was down. I'm so proud of myself for sticking to my plan. I was a little sore this week but overall I feel great. I sleep better & im not dragging as much as the previous 2 weeks. I also made it the farthest on the Saturday walk this past week. Thanks to Stephanie & Jessica from season 6 for the encouragement the whole way! This FWSW family is awesome! #RacingRed


1st weigh in done & im happy to say I'm down 6.4 pounds. While I'm definitely excited about this I'm looking forward to what achievements this week will bring. I was a bit nervous about today & how I did. It was hard to swallow Rick saying we couldn't cheer on a weight loss of less than 2 pounds but I completely understand it!  My goal for myself was to lose at least 5lbs a week so let's see what this week will bring! Let's go Racing Red!




Pool Day

Today was one of those days I was really nervous about. Thanks to my awesome teammate Joy I survived the pool. Even though the score is Rhonda 0 Pool 1....one day this will change??....I have been so emotional this week. I have felt as if I'm totally struggling to make it through these first few days although I can hear Tina saying "just wait until week 15, you gonna be amazed". I will continue to play that over & over in my head, along with remembering why I need to do this! I can't sat enough how appreciative I am for this opportunity and also how encouraging this "family" is.


Whew! I lost a bit of sleep about not having a shirt on today. However, it wasn't that bad after you feel the overwhelming amount of support that is circling the room! Excited for the first workout! Let's go Racing Red!!!!!