Sonja Lingo

Sonja Lingo


Sonja is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with nearly 10 years of experience in the fields of wellness and weight management. Her background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Indiana University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University. She has been in the counseling field for the better part of a decade, primarily working as a Behaviorist with the Lutheran Weight Management & Bariatric Center. She has a passion for wellness, and she strives to move each of her clients towards better health in all aspects of their lives. She truly believes that physical and emotional health are interrelated, and she enjoys partnering with her clients and empowering them to pursue their best, balanced, healthy lifestyle. In her free time, Sonja stays busy caring for her husband and her five young children. She also enjoys singing, cooking, spending time at the lake, and being active in her church. She is very excited to be a part of the FWSW team, and she is looking forward to seeing dramatic changes in the contestants’ health – mind, body, and spirit!

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  • Hi Sonya!

    I am feeling so good - mentally this is changing me in so many ways. This is the first plan I have not "cheated" on and gone off plan - which feels great. I am putting in my all for the workouts- the only thing I am still struggling is the "power" of that scale - well, the power I LET it have. I had such an amazing weigh in of 12.8 - of course the mind is so powerful I keep thinking in my head "ok, so now you have to keep that 12.8 off and then MORE every week. It is so old habits and old insecurities creeping in. Honestly overall this is making me SO much less caring of what others view me as-that is a huge step for me to be so visible and so public. Just that scale hang up is what I need some tips on right now - I am staying off scale of course other than weigh in nights- but cant lie that the temptation to go and weigh to make sure the process is working and not trusting myself is a struggle... thank you so much !

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