The 100lb Lost Club

Achieving 100 lbs. lost since being a contestant is no easy task.  Hard work, determination and will power are just a part of what it takes to be a member of this exclusive group.

After 11 seasons, 7 contestants have achieved a huge milestone.  100 lbs. lost from the time they entered the program until now.  This was no easy feat.  Strength, determination, will power are just a few of the necessities needed to achieve this goal. Some of these fantastic people are still going.

Now, these contestants didn't just reach 100 lbs lost they are exceeding that mark and keeping it off.  

Here we'll be showcasing any contestant that reaches this milestone.   Very soon you'll be able to click their photo and read and hear about their personal journeys.


Below you see their "Beginning Photo" - their stories will reveal their new look.


Ashley Esther

Ashley Esther - Season 9

Kurt Neal - Season 9


Zach Feagler - Season 9

Matt Wilson - Season 9


Jeremy Sessions - Season 3


Mike Anderson - Season 10


Crystal Benes - Season 11


Troy Rushing - Season 11