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Hey, I'm AJ McGraw. I am a Freshman at Ivy Tech Community College working towards a Carpentry Technical Certification. I am an easy and outgoing person. 40% of the time, I'm funny all the time, Mathematically that makes sense. I am motivated, competitive and surprisingly agile in dodgeball. I'm in this to win it. After the program,  I plan on returning as alumni for season 11 to help the contestants towards the goal FWSW helped me achieve. 

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So just a recap of this week. So far I have lost 31 lbs to date, with the help of my second biggest weigh in yet of 6.8lbs. I also used my new shoes on a 7 mile run this Saturday Morning, my time was roughly 1hr 45 min. and I did both my 150 stair climbs in under 55 min. 50 for one 48 for the other.



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Sorry to keep you guys in the dark so long. I jus wanted to make make a grand entrance, with the news that I lost 4.2 lbs this week. That brings my grand total to nearly 25 lbs.  I love this program and I feel like I am finally starting to get my second wind. I want this so much and I know I can do it. I can already see the benefits. My willpower has increased, and I passed my swim test to become a lifeguard. I had to freestyle 100yards, then breaststroke 100 yards. Then I had to tread water for two minutes with my arms out of the water, Which is a lot harder than it seems. Finally, I retrieved a 10lbs brick from 12.5 ft of water. That was the hardest part because instead of just diving head first, which I would have killedwink, I had to tread over it then release all air in my lungs pushing myself down feet first to get the brick. Don't worry, it's much more complicated than it soundstongue-out. I failed the first two times but retrieved it on my last chance. I just flipped to grab it too early. The Manager said I would need improvement, but I did well and.....(Special shout out to Mr. & Mrs. Walters, for everything they helped me accomplished so far, and Cece's "motivation" that will forever scare me from ever quitting anything, all trainers, nutritionists, doctors, photographers, and most of all God!), since I am losing weight and training for a half marathon, He has little doubt I will be able to improve . So in short, I'm in woooooooooooooohhooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ima be a lifeguard!  Ima be a lifeguard!  Ima be a lifeguard!  money-mouth

P.S. I literally shoveled tons of dirt this week so I'm expecting goo numbers tomorrow.laughing


Think of the example of the widow that put in 2 small coins of very little value in the collection. 

"Jesus said, 'Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth, but she ... put in everything'."

As a percent this lowly widow put in here life savings, research says it was roughly a few hours wages. Yet she literally gave 100% in faith that God would not leave His faithful servant. 

Do you have and/or value such faith & wisdom?

My goal for this week was to do my best no matter what, and I confident that I did.  I also get new shoes today so that will definitely help. They are lower stability shoes to ease the pain from the max stability ones I used to have. I will post my total weight loss tomorrow.


A wise man once said, "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."

I always that thought that was funny but, today got me thinking. KNOWLEDGE is not power.  it is the use of acquired knowledge or wisdom that makes us powerful. So if we KNOW  that we are going through a challenge that seems insurmountable or maybe it's just getting up 3:30 am (shot out to an Alum that wakes up at 3:30 am because he knows he won't get out of bed til 4 something), or even a donut or an apple #decisonsundecided. Know where you want to be, assess the situation, use your wisdom and do something about it. We all have our reasons, excuses, etc, But should we let these become inhibitors from being the best we can be and doing the same?


We must do our utmost in any adversity that befalls us so that we may be stronger, manifest the KNOWLEDGE we gain, and wisely use it to benefit ourselves and others. 


KNOWLEDGE is knowing we have a plethora of support, facilities, and equipment at or disposal. WISDOM is making the proper use of it.

Lasting thought:

You have made it through 100% of your bad days.laughing


I swam a whole mile yesterday, and I fell so amazing it was trying but the feeling of accomplishment was way worth it.


So this week was better than last week at least, as far as weigh in goes, I lost a total of 4.4lbs. So for those of you doing the math, that is 15lbs in just 3 week which in all is below my goal but if I average 5 lbs a week, I would lose 75lbsafter this program making me roughly 250lbs. My minimum goal weight for this year is 200 lbs. This will probably be a good jumpstart to that goal so I will keep you guys posted.  



Woo hoo! Two weeks down and I am feeling much better I was sicksealed for a few days, so missed the main workouts. But I'm feeling much better and I made sure to kick it so that hopefully I lost more than two pounds this week. ( If you lose less than 2 lbs no one claps and it gets kinda awkward.yell) Oh yeah, I forgot to say but I lost 9 yes 9 pounds last week woo woo. My goal is to stay between  8 lbs, also known as a snowman, and 12 lbs each week. It's gonna be hard, but I know I can do it.


So after that first weigh in and nutrition meeting, I learned two things. One, peanut butter is no longer on my meal plan. Seriously, check the calories on that stuff.sealed  Also, I  let myself go, but it's cool, not really but no lie, I'm gonna look good in 15 weeks.  I going to hit the skate parks, pools and beaches. 


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  • A nice loss this week, the beginning of a long streak I hope as our time is quickly going by. Looking to make habits that will stick with you the rest of your life. Make the second workouts everyday, journal perfect and hit your calories everyday. Make all the eighteen year olds proud! Share more blogging like 2weeks ago. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Guest (Jeanette)

    AJ, congratulations on your success so far! All the effort and hard work is paying off.

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  • Guest (Nana)


    Alright Ajahn! Fantastic!!

    If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

    Frederick Douglass

    Love Nana

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  • Guest (Dee Potts)

    Way to go AJ!!!! Keep up the good work. It's mind over matter, unlearn old habits and create new ones that are worthwhile.

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  • Guest (Ashley)

    Nice job this week, AJ! I could tell during wall sits this week you weren't giving up. That's what this program is about...pushing yourself to new heights you didn't realize could ever be reached. I'm ready to see more...I know you can do it! Let's have Week 8 be your best week yet. Time to get it done!

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  • So sad to not have a blog to read from you. It is hard to know of your struggles or successes without you sharing here. I still feel that you can do so much better. 15 weeks is such a short time to change your life forever. We need you to trust the process and do EVERYTHING we ask. Rick and Tina

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  • Your hard work is evident. Great job! Cheers to making week 7 the best yet!

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  • Guest (Lisa Easley)

    You are doing a great job AJ! Keep up the good work. It's a challenge, but it is definitely worth it! Give it your all!

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  • Guest (Starlene 'Mom' Eley)

    To my Firstborn Son,

    Anything in life that is Worth Having
    Is worth working for and waiting for...
    It took 9 months to have you- those broad shoulders of yours Almost took me out! It took 18 more years for you to become the hard working, kindhearted, generous, intelligent young man you are today.
    Things are tough right now- but believe me there is no better time than the present for you to learn how to Keep pushing through.
    Always Remember...
    "We cannot change the circumstances, the seasons or the wind,
    But we can Change ourselves."

    I'm with you all the way to the top,

    Love mom

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  • Good to see u back working with us!! Looking forward to seeing big numbers tonight!! Anytime u want to come in at 5 with me to workout lets do it buddy!! Keep pushing and you will succeed!!

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