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“I am a wife and a mom to 4 great boys.  In my free time, I enjoy cheering on my boys in all their sports as well as watching Boilermaker football/ basketball with my family!  I am so blessed to have such a amazing support system! Let’s do this!” 

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Wow, what a week!  I have so much that i want to type, but not a lot of time.

If anyone thinks that we as contestants get a break from life during these 15 weeks, think again!  This week I seem to have jumped aboard the crazy train!!!  The week started off amazing with that 6 pound weight loss and then proceeded to go down hill picking up speed along the way!

With my son's confirmation and party this weekend and guests here, I'll admit I didn't shop and meal prep like i needed to, and this weeks meals have been a struggle to throw things together.  Work right now is well, just stressful and mix in late night kids baseball games..... equals watching this week fall like dominoes!

Wednesday started rough.  I was probably the most tired I've been these past 7.5 weeks.  During Wednesday night's run/walk my body paid the price of a crazy busy week.  We were doing our usual 50 minutes of 5 minutes walking and 5 min running.  The first 25 min were rough.  On my way back my legs didn't want to work right and then out of no where I was struggling to breathe!  I mean it was like someone had a plastic bag over my mouth.   That in turn scared the life out of me which made it worse and then the tears came.  THANKFULLY, we are surrounded by the most amazing caring trainers and contestants!  Ashley was able to talk me "down" to the point of being able to finish the time walking.  And Navy's nutritionist, Jenny, was right there as well keeping me going!  Thank you ladies so much!  Well, when we arrived back to the starting point everyone was so supportive - i just love my FWSW family!  

Momma T talked to me about what my food intake was pre-run.  I humbly admitted that i had eaten only carrots, guac and almonds at work in the afternoon.  It took me having this scare to really see the importance of good nutrition before you run/exercise!  I can't stress how much Rick, Tina and all the volunteers care about us!  It's so wonderful! When you hear everyone call out "Momma T" and "Papa Rick"  .....  that is so spot on because they genuinely care about each one of us like family members!

Thursday morning rolls around and I wake up with a horrific migraine.  I didn't make it to thursday's pool workout.  Which stressed me out even more!  I was stressed and exhausted so, my body slammed on the brakes and forced me to stop.  Thankfully i was able to get a great nights sleep and can say today I feel like a brand new person!!!

This morning's workout was a tough workout- - but, fun!  I was able to do a sprint down the court!  Definitely something i could not have done 7 weeks ago and that's just so exciting!!! 

I am ready to tackle tomorrow's 7 mile run/walk!!! 

Week 8 is in the books!!!cool 



laughing....that was the face I left with after last night's weigh in!!  Finally!!!   And if i had a dancing emoji...I would have plugged that in as well, to represent my happy dance!  I lost 6 pounds this week!!  That put's me at a total of 21.8 total pounds lost after 7 weeks!  AND I was the top female for "loser" this week!!  whoop whoop! 

I think after the several "bad" weigh-in's - it made this weigh in feel that much better!!!  You've got to go thru the lows to truly enjoy the high's!!! 

Each week Michaela goes above and beyond on her own and spoils that week's male and female top "loser".  This morning she handed a bag to me and it meant the world to me!  This young ladies outlook on life speaks volumes!  I am learning so much from her in this aspect of life!!  Her giving heart and positive attitude is something we all should strive for!  She is turning lemons into the sweetest lemonade you've ever tasted!!!  Michaela, you are touching so many lives!!!!   God bless you sweetheart!

I feel this last week was a turning point for me in so many aspects of this journey.  I am finally understanding this whole food thing and how we can help use food to turn our bodies into fat burning machines!  I had several chats with my nutritionist, Collen and Stephanie, on how or what i could do different with my food.  I wanted to know how i could use food as a tool in my weight loss.  I asked what the lowest amount of carbs in grams I should be consuming a day and what was a good number for protein.  Right now I am keeping my carbs between 130-140 g/day and protein right around 120g/day.  That was the only thing i changed this past week - and my body responded!!! 

I also think that increasing the amount of running we're doing now has also played a roll in my 6 pound loss.  All I know is whatever the combo, I am feeling great both physically and emotionally!  Now, i know that I'm still on this crazy roller coaster ride and there could easily be another mountain of a hill i will have to climb and a straight away i have to push thru to be able to enjoy the thrill of the free fall!!! 

This past Saturday we completed 6 miles!!  I never in a million years thought I'd type that 7 weeks ago!  We walked 5 minutes and ran 5 minutes.  Which feels great to type!!!  I felt great right up until my 5 mile marker.  The last miles I really struggled with!  My legs weren't responding when I tried to run....so I had to walk but, kept trying to run every few yards.    It will be interesting to see how my body responds this saturday when we are scheduled to run 7 miles.  I am actually looking forward to it!  wink

Sunday was not only Mother's Day, it was my 8th graders Confirmation.  It was just a beautiful day all around!   We had a party for him at our house afterwards to celebrate.  Someone asked me as i was sitting eating the lunch I had made for myself (not the pulled pork/homemade mac and cheese ect...) "how do you do it?  Seeing all this delicious food and sit and eat a salad?"  My response kind of took be by surprise to be honest!  I told her that after doing everything "right" and not seeing the weight fall off or actually gain a pound, it is SO not worth straying from the course.  And when you train your brain to eat what's healthy for your body, It really isn't hard not to say "no" to the bad food!  Now, when we broke out the cake, that was hard.  It was hard because my mom made it and I've grown up on her cakes.  I feel like it was my want to dig into it was more about tradition than it was wanting to eat it.  Don't get me wrong...her cakes are a-mazing!!  innocent  But, I made it thru the day not really feeling tempted at all....and that is a huge accomplishment!!!  And it felt GREAT!!!!! 

I am ready to tackle week 8!   I'm ready to keep the momentum rolling!!!!  (insert happy dance emoji)



This morning I'm not going to sugar coat anything....I feel broken emotionally and physically this morning!  Cici really worked us hard today!!!!   I'll admit that I was about to start crying...simply from giving my all and hurting from head to toe.  But, somehow I managed to choke back the tears and push thru.  I'm finding it hard to keep my eyes open this morning, which is not a good thing when you're work needs to be accurate!!  It's going to be a long long day!!!  And the outlook for some down time .....yell....let's be real...what's that?! 

But, while getting ready for work, i just kept telling myself to think of what this old body is going to look like come July ....and then in Christmas...that's when I want to hit my 140pound mark!  All this pain is going to be worth it!!!  And i'm never going back to what I looked and felt like 7 weeks ago!!!!!!




Today was a pool day - if anyone thinks the pool is a "day off"....well, think again!  We worked our tails off!!  And it felt great! 

This week has been great mixed with a little disappointment.  I didn't have to do "extra love" this week but, i chose to do it.  Why?  Because it's an extra half hour to better myself!  Well, on the first exercise with the exercise ball, I tore scar tissue from my c-section in my lower abs.  I have never felt pain like I felt that morning!  WOW!  So, i had to resort to just walking instead of finishing the 30 minutes.  I'm just thankful that I can still do everything except lower core moves!!!

I have never been so thankful to be so tired in my life!!  I'm tired because i know i"m working my tail off and pushing myself beyond places I never knew existed!! 

Last night we ran 50 minutes of 5 walking and 5 running.  It's so cool to see yourself getting stronger each week!  Even though it was tough to finish the 5 minutes...I did it!!!  And didn't keel over!!  I can't wait to see what the next 7.5 weeks brings!!!

I'm so ready to crank it up yet another notch!  Some how....I"m determined to hit the 50 pound mark....not sure how to make up the ground...but, I'm hell bent on doing it!!!!!


WOW!  What a gorgeous day!!!  It's crazy what a little sunshine will do for your mood and mental attitude!!  This morning I did something I haven't done is quite some time...I ran 5 minutes STRAIGHT....FOUR TIMES!!!!!   Mixed in with 4 five minute walks.   But, what a way to start week #7 of my FWSW journey!   WoooWee!!  It's great!  cool

I can't believe that we're almost half way thru...it's going way too fast! 

I'd be lying if I told you that tonight's weigh in isn't "weighing" heavy on my mind...but, I've come to the realization that I am sticking to the course and not straying...so, what will be, will be!

I will forever be grateful to Rick and Tina, all the trainers and the entire FWSW family for all the love and support they give each one of us!!!  We are so blessed!!  kiss



Monday night's weigh-in went better than last week - that's for sure!  The scales showed me 4.8 pounds less!!  For a total of 12.6.  Whoop whooop!  Buuuut, I'm still not where i need to be.  After week 5 I needed to be at a total weight loss of 16.something to be on track for the 50 pounds.  So, that let some air out of my balloon.... but, that did buy me a ticket for the extra love train!  And it is exactly that!  It's more like an invite to better yourself that not everyone gets!    I am hoping that one of these weeks all the extra love will build me a snowman!!!   (a girl can dream)

I'll be real honest, besides the workouts and nutrition being a challenge, keeping my spirits up is a real struggle here lately!  Which is unusual for me and frustrating!  But, not seeing the weight fall off like it is for the majority of everyone else....arg!!  I also feel like I cry over everything!  Which is driving me crazy!  yell  But, if one thing positive comes out of it...I've been praying more - a lot more! 

I will tell you that I am definitely feeling this weeks "extra love" and workouts!  Muscles hurt on me that I had forgot about!!  Ouch!  But, if you've ever worked out before, it's without a doubt a good ouch!  for sure! 

Today is a new day and so is tomorrow....At least the sun is shining today!!!  That is a beautiful thing!!!

4. 29.17

Last night I worked out with CiCi. Unfortunately I had to stop due to not feeling well. Even though I was disappointed that I had to stop, CeCe did teach me one thing, how to really push  myself and get out of my head!  She showed me how I  should feel when doing the elliptical properly.  I have never pushed myself to the point of being scared of  not being able to breathe...  But you know what... I lived! I'm anxious to workout with her again when I'm not feeling like I can't be more than 10 feet from the bathroom! (tmi I know... Sorry) 

This morning I pushed thru not feeling 100% and did the 5 miles!  It's a great feeling when you push down the voices in your head telling you to just stay in beg because you don't feel good and get up get dressed and just do it.  I managed to run every one of the 3 minute runs (slow jog)... But I did it!  And the light rain felt great!  I kept hearing Rick's story in my head from yesterday morning about the army ranger telling himself... I'll quit tomorrow.  Only I told myself you can rest this afternoon.  And it worked!  

I love everything about this program!  It's teaching me so much about myself and how to get and stay fit and healthy!   And this morning for once in my life I listened to my body instead of my pride.  I wanted  so badly to keep up with my sweet friend April. She was running 4 (maybe 5) and walking 5 (I'm  so proud of you girl!) .  But, I listened to what my body was telling me and just stayed the course at 3:7.  5 weeks ago i would've not listened to how is feeling and let my pride win and pushed myself too far.  Doing more harm than good.  It's so awesome to see my friends getting stronger both physically and mentally!  

So now it's time to rest up.. And do the stairs one more time this afternoon. 



Alright, so last night didn't go how I may have envisioned it....BUT, it did re-affirm one thing to me....I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING FRIENDS AND FAMILY...hands down, the best!!!!!  Maybe I needed this to happen to remind me of that? 

The food lab that The Olive Twist (loved), Colleen (purple's nutritionist...love) and the St. Francis students and Bev put on for us was outstanding!!  Thank you all for giving your time to help us along our journeys!

This morning was rough getting up for "extra love" kiss but, once again as soon as I see my FWSW family members.....My mood changes and it's game time!  I just love that!

One last thought for the morning....Whoever thinks losing weight is easy has more than one screw loose!!! It's tough, not only physically but, emotionally.  The emotional part of this has really thrown me for a loop and taken me completely off guard!  I feel like I'm a mess....tears come to me WAY too often!

But, While flying around my bathroom this morning a thought popped into my head....more like an outlook....I'm going to look at my journey like an amusement park (bare with me)....as you approach the gates you see all the high roller coasters and hear all the laughter - cant wait to get in!  What you don't see until you have have paid your admittance and committed to the day is all the boring rides that just go in a circle (like the little motorcycles).  You also don't realize how long it takes to get up those high hills - before you can enjoy falling straight down! You also don't see all the lines you have to wait in to get to the exciting times!  But, if you stick it out through the boring times and exciting times and close down the park, you walk away feeling fantastic! You leave with memories wanting to keep coming back! 

I don't know if that makes sense now that i type it...but, it sure made sense this morning!!!!

-Momma Bear out! 


Happy Monday!  Well, yesterday I ran my first 5k in like forever!  I was blessed to have a great friend join me and give me such great support throughout the entire course!  I didn't run as much as I thought I would but, it was a starting point!  I believe my time was 45 min and some change.  BUT, we did get stopped by a train right at the end of the course...which we timed at roughly 2 min 20 sec....so...maybe 43 minutes and some change?  It felt great helping the children in Haiti while building my endurance and health!  AND it was a gorgeous day for the race!

God never ceases to amaze me....while grocery shopping yesterday evening, I was feeling kind of down for no particular reason.  That's when an acquaintance was pushing her cart towards me.  I have met Raeann thru a mutual friend and have seen her several times over the years but, have never really talked much to her.  We said hi and instantly started a conversation like we've known each other for years!  She is a FWSW alumni and asked me how things were going.....after about 20 minutes of amazing conversation (and about 30 shoppers giving us "the eye") we hugged it out and went our separate ways.  I left with a little pep in my step and a fresh breath of air!  God knew i needed her pep talk and support!  Its so cool to see that even the alumni that we don't see in the gym with us are still following our journeys and are supporting us!  Season 10...we are now a part of an amazing family!  We are so blessed!!!!

Tonight I am so pumped to have to chance to go to St. Francis for our nutrition meeting and weigh in.  I am optimistic for tonight's weigh in....I feel a good number coming my way....stay tuned!!




Monday night's weigh in was pretty good, another 4 pounds bit the dust for a total of 8.8.  I can't believe we're in week 4 already!  It's going way too fast! So, I've decided to kick things up a few notches!  I'll never get these 15 weeks back - so I need to give more than 100% to make the most of this gift that has been given to me!!  And I also feel like I'm behind the eight ball with my first weigh-in being so low...so, i have to make up some ground! 

This morning Cici called me out (in a good way) for my effort.  Even though hearing my name called out for what I was doing makes me totally uncomfortable, it gives me a little extra kick in the butt to push harder!  When Cici found me after workouts to see what changed, I found myself getting all emotional. (and i'm not sure where that came from?!  It kind of bit me on the butt!)  But, I explained to her with Easter being this past Sunday, my husband and I decided that our boys were old enough to watch The Passion and really grip what Jesus went through for us.  That is it more than just stories we hear about in Church and Sunday School. As we sat there watching, I kept hear this voice telling me that the pain I'm feeling in workouts is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered.  Watching him carry that cross and pushing through his pain was hard to watch.  But, it lit a fire in me big time!  My body is his temple, he gave it to me and I did this to it!  So, getting it back to the best it can be - healthy - is my cross to bear.  I know this may not make sense to some but, this program is not only teaching me to be healthy, it's strengthening my relationship with God!

I can't thank Rick and Tina for giving me this gift - I intend to dig deep, go above and beyond to make the most of this gift!  Thank you Thank you!


Well, this morning I gave the 5:15am (yes a.m.) spin class a try and loved it!  Setting that alarm to go off at 4:30 am was a little intimidating but, I've learned if you just put your feet on the ground when it goes off and not give yourself a chance to think about hitting snooze - it's not bad at all!  Mind over matter!  And during the class I found myself thinking - "man, i'm not sleepy in the least bit!"  What a great way to kick off my day and week 4 of FWSW!!!! 

Yesterday was not bad at all!  I managed to stuff Easter eggs without putting one thing in my mouth!!!  (or even up to my lips for a lick) tongue-out  It's amazing what you can accomplish if you change your outlook on food and life....and stay focused!  For our Easter meal, I went with a breakfast casserole for everyone else and my favorite kale, egg, veggie and salsa omelet.  For me it was less temping to make breakfast food than the traditional Easter spread.  Everyone was happy!

Tonight is a weigh in night....and I'm excited and nervous!  I never want to get my hopes up too high....even though i've been more focused than ever....but, I'm starting to see my clothes fit a bit different....in a good way!  So we'll see.  All I know is....I WANT TO KEEP THAT MEDAL!!!!!  It's been great hanging on my bathroom mirror and in my kitchen....as a in your face reminder...stay focused!!!!

#fwswstrong #purpleproud



I'm not going to sugar coat this...today I am one grumpy momma Bear!  I am tired, everything on me hurts and I'm frustrated that when I look at the amount lost chart...I'm the lowest amount lost!  But, I'm trying to stay positive.  At least I'm  not up 4.8 pounds! 

ok - pity party over...cry

Last night was our first group 40 minute group walk/run.  I am not sure why it seems a lot harder than Monday night!  Could be because last night I was with the group and it made me push myself even harder!  That is why I love being a part of this group so much.  There is nothing but positive energy and encouragement.  You can see that everyone is giving 110%, which makes me push down any "stink'n think'n" that may creep into my brain and push through! 

I'm anxious to see what tomorrow's workout brings.  (a little scared too)  Even though i'm hurting right now, I know that these aches and pains only mean that my body is a change'n!  And that feels great!


I want to say that this past Monday night's weigh in was MUCH better!  I was down 3.6!!!  I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear those hands clapping!!!  When I look at the overall totals I'll admit that it's a little tough to be the lowest with pounds lost...but, it only makes me work harder and push myself further!  My total weight loss is 4.8...not bad but, certainly not where I want to be that's for sure!  but, I'll take it!

To me beginning last friday the intensity level has been cranked up a bit - and it feels good to really feel your workout during the day!  Friday was the first day I thought I was going to heave and I even had to choke back the urge to cry!   When I want my body is screaming at me during the workouts and I feel as if my arms/legs/butt is going to fall off my body, I hear Cici's voice saying "if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you" and it makes me dig deep and to get through that set!  You definitely have a sense of being proud of yourself after each workout - proud because when your body is telling you to quit - your mind snaps it's fingers and says "dig deep sister, you can do this, Finish strong"!   I'm learning that not only are we working on our bodies, we are also working on chaning our minds and the way we think!  It's awesome to reconnect with my old athlete mentality! 

This week we also started incorporating running into our walks.  When we are doing our group walk/runs on the trail, I kind of go inside myself and see my purple shirt running the half marathon and crossing the finish line.  Right now it does feel like a long shot but, my goal is to run the entire 13.1 miles!!!! 

One more thought and i'll stop rambling.....I am so utterly proud to wear my purple shirt when I'm working out on my own.  My second work out is usually walking/running on the trail around my house or on the trail by my son's baseball field.  The encouragement I get from strangers is so uplifting!  When you know you're representing FWSW it makes you work all that much harder!  I'm truly honored and blessed to be a part of this!  Thank you so much Rick and Tina for this opportunity!




I have gone a little over 3 weeks without a single drop of diet soda.  (which is a big deal)  I am amazed at how my cravings for naughty foods have diminished!  I mean, I don't really miss the snacky foods i used to eat and the diet soda I consumed on a daily basis!  On my drive down to Purdue this weekend, I told my mom that even though I lost 1.2 pounds, I felt amazing!  My energy level is thru the roof and my mid-section doesn't feel as "sluggy".  I even feel more clear headed!  It's been awesome!

Tonight's our weigh in night....I'd be lying to you if I told you I was nervous as all get out!   Even though I've corrected my mistakes and have been giving 110% at workouts, after last week's 1.2 pounds lost....I am a bit on edge.  But, I'm also really looking forward to the night as well.  It's great getting to chat with everyone, pick up tips from each other and getting great advice from our nutritionists!!  I can see why the alumni said that when our we walk away from our last workout together, there'd be tears!  I find myself missing everyone from Saturday morning to Monday night!!

Peace out until after the weigh-in!


One side note ...THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has left me a message!! I can't figure it how to "like" or reply... I really appreciate all of you!! 


This mornings workout was a tough one! It felt good to push myself and really work up a sweat!  I'm feeling pretty good right now, but I'm sure tomorrow morning will be another story! Thank EJ for kicking our booties!  

I'm not sure if anyone was able to see the sunrise this morning... But wow!!... God  is so Good! Now,  I'm a song person... So as I was pulling onto 69...a Britt Nicole song came on the radio.... You're Worth More Than Gold ... That song mixed with the amazing sunset and double rainbow....i felt that God was telling me that one disappointing weigh-in was not going to get me down!! 

 I know I'm sounding like a broken record but, the love and support within the FWSW family floors me!  Yesterday morning during my warmup laps I was trying to avoid eye contact with anyone after Monday nights weigh-in, afraid if I did I'd start crying again.  That's when Rick came along side me and wanted to check in with me.... Which opened up the flood gates of tears! But it was so great to have those words of encouragement! No judgement, just pure positivity! We are so blessed to have Rick and Tina in our corners!! 

I also have to give a shout out to the alumni who also had so many up lifting things to say!! It was so touching! And just what the doctor ordered! It truly is a family! 


ok, now that I've stopped crying long enough to see the key pad...tonight was so extremely difficult to hear that I was only down 1.2.  Pity party over.....it's time to regroup. Even though I didn't have any "cheats" and drank enough water to kill a cow.....I think it was the couple days where I didn't plan well and I was under 1200 calories that did me in.  From now on I will NOT be under calories!  I have to do this, I have to lose this weight and get healthy!  Yes, the wind is out of my sails tonight...but tomorrow is a new day.  I dont ever want to sit in nutrition class fighting back tears.....and I WILL NOT do it either!



It felt so wonderful to get into the pool and swim laps for an hour!  I am so greatful to Spiece for allowing us to use the pool!  After adding my exercises to my fitness pal, I was a little concerned about how many calories it said I was to consume.  So I contacted one of my nutritionists to ask how I was to get all of them in.  Well, now I am in panic mode because all week I've been going off of what My Fitness Pal said as far as calories.  Well, I learned something important today.  (And I'm a little embarrassed I I didn't know this).  I learned that I still need to stay at my 1400 calories per day to make weight loss happen, even when excersising .  And if you think about it, that makes perfect sense!  So, I quickly scanned my week to see how many days I actually went over.  Unfortunately there were a few days I did go over.  I am kind of freaking out for tonight, to be completely honest!  And a little sad that I kind of lost a week with adding my excersise into my calorie count.  I pray it doesn't show on the scale tonight!  Stay tuned....

i must add  that I am incredibly grateful to have such amazing nutritionist on board with team purple! Thank you so much to you both! You ladies rock! 


Wow ...this week was full of ups and downs for me! In the beginning of the week I was practically falling asleep at my desk by the end I actually had energy!  I wish I didn't have to tell you that I had a night full of tears... I think from exhaustion?   But as I sit here tonight I am feeling stronger, like I'm starting to be in control of my food choices.  I feel like I've made some smart choices and for that I'm kind of proud!  I can't wait to see what the next 14 weeks bring! 

Tomorrow night is our first weigh in... And I'm kind of nervous! I've worked so hard this week... I pray it shows tomorrow night! 


Well, week one of our morning workouts is in the books boy and girls!  Although I'm feeling tired and sore, it's a reminder of the positive changes I'm making in my life to get back to my healthy lighter me!  For me mornings are tough to get up - but, something that Rick said in orientation gets my bootie out of bed when that alarm goes off at 5am is "When you find it tough to get out of bed in the mornings, think about all the applicants who didn't get picked and don't have this amazing opportunity to do what you are doing!".  I replay those words in my head as I'm reaching for that alarm and I'm ready to go!  Even though we all are tired, as soon as you walk into Spiece and see everyone and feel the energy....It's like that morning cup of black coffee!!  I love it!

Can't wait to see what next week holds!


I just can't begin to tell you all how amazing this program and staff are!!  I mean really!  It is so cool to see the friendships and bonds that are already taking place.  It is a good feeling knowing that everyone is or has been in my shoes!  Yesterday was the first morning workout.  Although it was tough, it felt fantastic!  Team Purple was one of the teams who had to do the timed mile.  The love and support up on the track , let me just tell you, was so great!  There might have been 3 teams up there but, you wouldn't have known it.  Everyone was encouraging each other.  It felt good to push myself to get a descent time.  Having a teammate pushing me to keep up helped so much, which with lit a competitive fire in my belly!  Even though I lost track of my laps (and possibly ran 1 too many) my time was ok for my first time 'back on the horse'.  I can't wait to see what my time will be when we have our second timed mile! 

This morning's workout was rough, I'm not even going to kid you!  The exercises that we were doing looked simple but, they made muscles burn that I'd forgotten about!  Isn't it funny how something that hurts so much can make you feel so good afterwards?!  Even though things do hurt, it's a good hurt.  The sayings that Cicili had us repeat this morning have been running through my mind all day and I think will stay with me for a long time: "if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!" And "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!"  How true, how true! 

Tonight is our first running group.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I still can't wrap my brain around actually running 13.1 miles....yes, running....my goal is to run the entire race!!!  Believe and you will achieve! 


OK... So I have to tell you about my mini panic attack yesterday in Kohls dressing room... I'm trying on sports bras, that in reality look and feel more like contraptions...  boulder holders for lack of a better term, when reality set in.  The realization that the image before me in the mirror was going to be in front of 25 plus  people Monday night!!  That's when the dressing room got extremity warm and TINY!  I mean this midriff hasn't seen  the public since 1994!!  Yikes!  Thankfully I was able to call a great friend who is a FWSW alumni to talk me off the ledge!  (Thank you Richelle)  

I have to be honest... I am really getting nervous for tonight's first weigh in!  I didn't think I'd be this nervous! I guess it (meaning actually taking my shirt off and being in my shoes bra) will be like ripping off a bandaid... Don't  think about it... Just make it a good quick yank!  But I'm so excited to just get started! I'm ready to push myself beyond what I thought was possible! 

Other than being nervous... I am feeling like a million bucks.  Today I've started clean eating and tracking what I eat and I'm track to go beyond my recommended water consumption!  I know it won't always be this easy, but I'm ready for the road ahead!  #performancepurlerocks 


3.23.17.  My mind is going so many different places right now...I have so many thoughts I want to type....not sure what to type first.  First of all I am so excited and blessed to be a part of FWSW season 10!  It has been the boost of motivation I needed.  It feels great to be focused and motivated to lose this weight and get healthy!!  I can't even begin to tell you how motivating the orientation was on Sunday!  It was incredible!  The love and support that was in that room....mind blowing!  I most definitely can't wait until season 11 when I am up there giving my testimony and giving my support to the season 11 contestants!    

Last night I went to Three Rivers Running Company to get fitted for my running shoes.  To be honest, it was a little intimidating walking up to the front door as I am not a runner, but They were so great to work with!  I was surprised at how encouraging they were to everyone!  I love my shoes and they feel so good!  My shoes and I are ready to begin this amazing journey, not just for the next 15 weeks...but for life!  

A huge thank you to Rick,Tina and the entire FWSW support system for this life changing opportunity!  I won't let you down!  


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  • Miranda-
    Love reading your blog! LOVED seeing you lose 6 lbs this past week! What a huge blessing to all your hard work you have been doing. We know you have worked so hard and happy to see your results and celebrate with you.

    We know last week you had a tough run on Wednesday but happy all worked out and you know nutrition is a huge part of running. We know there is so much to learn and we are happy our FWSW Team can help and guide every step of the way.

    Papa Rick and I are HONORED to call you all family. God has blessed us more then we could have ever imagined and to be able to give back to others is truly priceless. We appreciate you giving your all and accepting the gift of health!

    Week 9 starts Monday and the weeks will continue to go by faster): Life gets to busy, trust me I know BUT make sure to enjoy every moment:)

    Week 9 Let's do this!
    Tina and Rick

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  • Guest (Ashley)

    Miranda-WAY TO PUSH THROUGH that tough CeCe workout yesterday! And then you turned around and completed 6 miles this morning. Now THAT is impressive. Your mind is a powerful thing, and it will get tired and want to quite long before your body will. Get some rest tomorrow and gear up for another awesome week. Keep up the hard work, because it's paying off!

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  • Miranda-
    PLEASE celebrate your 4.8 weight loss from this past Monday! Please know this is YOUR journey and YOU alone. Do not focus on others people's losses. Everyone has their own path. YOU are doing GREAT and YOU are working so hard. Celebrate all YOU have done and accomplished. LIKE, your running! You are doing GREAT on the runs and continue to excel each week:)

    Take one week at a time and enjoy every moment, its going by way too fast!!
    We are PROUD OF YOU! Please remember to be proud of YOU too!
    Week 7 here we come!!
    Let's do this!


    Tina and Rick

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  • Miranda I am going to reiterate what I said to you before and that's still true ?️YOU ARE A TOTAL ROCK STAR!! you totally inspire me and I love how hard you push! I agree it's really hard right now to stay positive and upbeat when your feeling beat down. By beat down I mean like we are giving 100% and feel like we should have lost the weigh of at least a small child!Know that you are doing so good and you are inspiring others! So lucky to be on this journey with you :)

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  • Eeeeeeek! We are almost half way through FWSW!!! Your strength and focus pushes me harder and I know God wanted us to be teammates. Thanks for being you! Cheers to making week 7 the BEST yet!

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  • Always look forward to your great attitude and smile, even knowing you may have not felt it after your weigh in last week. I know this week will be better, this may be a longer journey and not go as fast as we wish, but the ultimate goal is that you learn how to get there and stay at that healthy weight to enjoy for life. You will get there! I have total confidence in you. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Guest (Rose Murphy)

    I love your amusement park illustration!
    It's true, there are a lot of boring, non-glamorous, tiring, exhausting times involved before your finale at the end of the 15 weeks where you get to celebrate your success. We don't have a standing ovation going on each time we choose the right food, log it, or do a workout, meal plan, prep food, or turn down a temptation. Those are the quiet moments that cause the successes.
    And pull out your half marathon training schedule, look at how much time and miles are involved in the training, before you get to go across the finish line on July 1st and celebrate the fruits of all that training!
    Good insight!

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  • WOOHOO to finishing the 5k in such great time! Your strength is admirable and help me push myself. I am thankful to have you as a teammate. Thank you for checking in on me and being so sweet and optimistic. You are going to rock week 5 and I am going to be right there with you...Team Purple got this. :)

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  • Guest (Rose Murphy)

    Hah, you will have to ask Frank to share his story about a 5k he ran where he was stopped by a train!
    I am so happy for you that you had a friend with you to run the 5k!
    And so glad you bumped into Raeann and had such an awesome talk! She is such a sweetheart!

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  • Miranda-
    REALLY enjoyed reading your blog. VERY powerful about letting your boys watch the Passion. Love you are giving this program your all and know your body is your temple. God has big plans for you.
    We see how hard you push in the workouts and we were SO happy for you nice weight loss this past week! We know you worked so hard and was so happy to see your excitement! So deserving!
    LOVED seeing you do the 5K today! You really looked like you were truly excited and enjoying!! WAY to push hard and know you are on track to run the half July 1st!!
    Week 5 here we come!
    Let's do this!!

    Tina and Rick

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