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 I am a 28 year old wife and mom. I have been married for almost 8 years. I have two kids a daughter 6 and a son 2. I love spending time with them and going to the zoo. I am really looking forward to Fort Wayne Smallest Winner to get healthy and have even more fun with my family! 

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I can not believe week 8 is done! This is flying by, I just can't say that enough! I had a pretty good week. ON monday i only lost .6lbs but that puts me to a total of 27.8 so that is good! I am really starting to feel better and look forward to the workouts and runs. 

Last Sunday I had to chase after my son and I hurt my hamstring. Monday it was bad but I didnt have workouts that day so I was ok. Tuesday it was better only thing I had a hard time on was Tina's party train on the stairs. Tuesday night i did my 50 minute walk since i was unable to do it Monday. I do the runs on Thursday so i would have a day in between. The run on Thursday went good we were inside at Speice. Saturday thought my hamstring started acting up again while doing the walk/run. We did 7MIles!!!!!! I dont think i have ever done that much, at least not on purpose! We walked 5 minutes ran 5 minutes. I had to walk through a couple of the running times because of my injury but i did all 7 miles!! I talked with Ashely and Tina on things to do to help it! 

I really like CeCe's workout on Wednesday that Tina and Ashley had for her! It was nice to have her "on our side" that day. She really does push her self and keeps going! So proud of you Cece!! Happy Birthday! 

So excited for week 9! Holy cow!! 






Week 7 done already?! I cant believe it! It went by so fast! I think i blinked and it was done. Im loving this journey im on with FWSW.

My daughter had her field trip to the Zoo on thursday. We were walking around even went to the same place twice a couple of times. When we went to leave irealized how i didnt feel that tired. I mean i was tires from being up at 445 but i wasnt worn out like before. Then it hit me FWSW has given me my energy back. I walked the zoo and was fine!  I think i had 14,000 steps when i left the zoo. Then i had the thursday night walk/run 5:5. I did great with that! I ran walked 5:5. I knew i was getting better from walking all day at the zoo and then doing my run. I think i ended the day with 21,000 steps. 

Saturday we had the run 5:5 for 6 miles. I completed that too!!! I did the 5:5 interval. The first couple times i ran the 5 minuted i tried keeping up with everyone and quixkly remembeed it wasnt a race with others i was helping myslef. Once i slowed my pace down i was able to run the whole 5 minutes.

Cnt wait for week 8!!!


Week 6 is done and on to week 7!! I cant believe how fast the time is going! Everyone said it would go fast but i didnt believe it! I am having so much fun! I havr never had so much encouragement at one time. It is so nice to be in a gym full of people and just feel the love not being judged! I am starting to feel better about myself and not so down on myself! I loved the different stations this week! It was fun to be doing something else every minute. 

We got introduced to burpees this week. I was so nervous about when cece would start doing them. I didnt think i would be able to do them! Although i dont do them great i do it better then i could have 6 weeks ago! 

I only lost 1 pound at weigh in monday. Tina said to keep my head up that was coming off of two big weeks. I am hoping for a batter weigh in tomorrow! I'm doing the sleds tomorrow morning wish me luck! Im prettt sure its going to be a few of us so well all be cheering each other on!

Cant wait to see what week 7 brings!





Week 5 was amazing! I cant believe we are onto week 6 already! This is going so fast! Everyone said this will fly by but i didnt believe them! On monday i had a loss of 5lbs! It put me up to 23lbs! I am so blessed to be in this program! I wouldnt be doing do good without this team of people surrounding me! 

I did a lot better with my run/walks this week. I couldnt believe i could run the 3 minutes. I was finishing the walk on saturday I was in the 7 minute part of walking when crossing the finish line. I heard CeCe saying something to someone. I said shes still here? Crap and started running! She saw me and ran in with me! When she heard i said that she laughed and said good job! Im glad i can do that to you! Haha me to CeCe me too!

This week i would like to thank my best friend Sabrina. She has been there for me like no other friend has! Every week before weigh in she calls me and says how do you think you did? I always say i dont know im worried not too good. Her response is how did you eat? I say good. She says then you have nothing to worry about you'll do great! The first week in the program i was so nervous. She called me every morning before workout and calmed me down and after workouts to see how it went! If im having a hard time or day she says britney youre doing great and im so proud of you! Thank you Sabrina for all youre support! I couldnt do it without you!!

Thank you everyone for all your time and support of us! I am still so thankful to be here!!






Week 4 was great! On monday at weigh in i was down 6.2lbs! Made up for last week. With a total so far of 17.8lbs!!! Its a great feeling! Clothes that were to tight are starting to fit! I think i told my husband 1000 times one day that these pants fit now don't they look great?! Haha everytime he was very supportivie. Yes they do britney they look great and im so proud of you!!

I want to take a minute and thank my dad. Without him i wouldnt be able to go to workouts in the morning! My husband has to be at work at 6 most days and daycare doesnt open until 6. My dad lets me bring my kids over around 5:15-5:20 in the morning and watches them for me! They are sleeping so its not hard but i am so glad he was willing to help me! That was one of the biggest reasons i said ok ill do this. When i was talking with my family i said i wont have anyone to watch my kids i cant do this. He said right away (i dont think he really thought about what he was saying haha) I can help with the kids if you need help. I dont think i ever told him how much that helped me and how blown away i was! Haha. My dad has always been there for me, but my mom was the one who would watch my daughter. My dads more of the fun papa who plays but doesnt like babysitting! Haha so I knew I couldnt say no I had his full support! Thank you dad! I love you!

I also want to thank my sister. When we were young we didnt get along great but lately weve been doing good. I feel it was more after our mom passed away we needed each other. My brother and sister in law asked me to be in there wedding in september later that day i looked at my sister and said i cant be the fat one in the wedding. I think it was that night she called me and said, im only telling you this because of your comment earlier i dont think anything of you, but fort wayne smallest winner is taking applications. I think you should apply. She said i printed it all off for you think about it and let me know tomorrow. 

I thought about it and was so excited! I thought yes i remeber how much fwsw helped her! I hadnt told anyone in my family not even my husband how unhappy i was with myself. I knew i needed this. If it wasnt for me making that comment to my sister and her going out of her way to help me i wouldnt be here! So thank you!!!!

Cant wait forweek 5!! Now to go get ready for the 5k today!!! Good luck everyone!









Week 3 is done and on to week 4!! What a week it was! AT Weighin i lost 2.4 not great but not awful. Total of 11.4lbs!!

CICi is amazing! I love the way she pushes all of us! Frid9ay's workout was hard but great! Im glad i remembered my boxing gloves! I forgot them in my car on Tuesday and had to do extra running and pushups! My nutriontist amanda ran with me and helped push me. I was really thankful for her support!

Thursday and saturday we did our run 8:2 walk 8 minutes run 2 minutes. Thursday i didnt do great on running but on saturday i ran 2 minutes all 4 times except for about 30 seconds total!!! CiCi saw me walk and she said nope you can do it! Im not letting you stop you got this! Then before every 2 mintues shed say britney where you at youre not stopping! I needed that encourgement! She also told my sister paulina to go ahead and push me dont let me stop! Paulina was so excited she said you know i got the green light right? Youre not stopping! I was very thankful for her help too!

Im so excited for week 4 cant wait to see what it brings! Thank you again for this chance!


Week 2 in the books! This was a great week! Monday when we had weigh in and rick said no clapping for 2lbs and under i was so scared! I was thinking great already going to make a fool of myself! I ate better then i think i ever have but was still worried. I got on the scale so nervous and had dropped 9lbs!!!! I couldnt believe it! I was so happy!! And everyone got to clap😥.

Work outs were great! I hurt my knee at work on Tuesday amd was so upset about how it would effect me. I talked with EJ and made a plan, only problem i had with it is doing the squats. Glad it didnt stop me much!

Im still not used to getting up at 445 but once i get up and at work out I feel great! I already have some more energy. I had to chase after my 2yo son and wasnt winded when i was done!! That was nice!


Have a great week




First week in the books! It was an awesome week! I am SOOO greatful for this opportunity!! All the coaches trainers and nutritionists are great!! Its amazing to me everyone that and rick and tina have gotten envolved. Thank you so much Rick and Tina for starting this! Its truely life changing! I am so excited to see what the future hold! 

Season 10!!  Go Nitro Navy!





Hello all! Welcome to my bog! Had our first nutrition class today! Very nerve wracking weighing in, in front of eveyone but i did it! Cant wait for workouts tomorow! 

Until next blog...

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  • Britney-
    Love reading your blog! You continue to push forward and love seeing how happy you are. You started out the program pretty quiet and as the weeks go on we see your sweet personality coming out!

    You are such a sweet young lady and love to see the progress you are making. I know you had a little set back with hamstring but happy you are feeling a little better.

    Proud of you completing your 7 miles Saturday! Love you are pushing hard each and every week. 7 miles is a BIG deal and you did it! Celebrate this huge accomplishment.

    Week 9 starts Monday and time will continue to go by quicker and quicker. Take in every moment!

    Week 9 Let's do this!


    Tina and Rick

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  • Guest (Ashley)

    Great job today on our 6 mile run! I especially enjoy seeing you working hard because you always have a smile on your face doing it. You should be extremely proud of your progress thus far, Britney. I know I am. You make NO EXCUSES! Here's to another great week!

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  • Britney-
    We are SO proud of you and all you have accomplished! You are doing great and I am so happy you took what I said to keep you pushing forward. You came off 2 big losses and can't do that every week. We see how hard you are working too!
    You are getting stronger with your runs too! Love seeing you always smiling and never stopping! You can tell how much the program has changed you. You smile more and seem to really be having fun! Love to see this! You deserve to feel confident and loved! We are all here to make sure you always do!

    Week 7! Yes, its going be super fast and will continue to do so): Soak up every second, as I know you are.

    Let's do this!

    Tina and Rick

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  • AMBER!, jk Britney! All I have to say is WOW, you are really killing it lady! I love seeing your excitement and drive to push as hard as you can every day. Every saturday you are pushing yourself to the next level on our runs and I love yelling and cheering for you as you cross the finish line. Keep up your hard work and thank you for all that you bring to FWSW!

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  • You are an inspiration! You are doing great and your weigh-ins have proven your hard work. Keep it up!!!

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  • Good job continuing to kill it each week!! It always a plus to have a friend like that helping keeping u accountable so hats off to her and keep working hard and u will definitely keep killing it on the scale!! Go Navy!!

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  • Wow can you believe your the first place girl....? You are doing so great, trusting the process and doing the work. We are so glad you sister helped inviting you to apply for FWSW season 10. Enjoy everything your learning and make it your new way of life. You kids and hubby will benefit from all you have learned too. Thank your dad for us too! Rick and Tina

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  • Guest (Rose Murphy)

    So happy for you, that your family is absolutely rocking Supporting You!!
    Kudos to your dad, your hubby and of course Paulina! What a gift to get to do FWSW with your sister!
    And you are rocking it, GIRL POWER!!!

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  • Britney-
    Oh my goodness your blog:) I love what you wrote about your father:) I have no doubt he is so proud of you and honored to help with your children. PAPA's are awesome and so glad he can be there for you.
    You are doing amazing and we have no doubt the fact your dad, husband and sister are helping you so much it makes YOU want to do even better. Which by the way you are doing GREAT!!! Your weight loss has been steady and you continue to do all that is asked of YOU!!
    Keep up the GREAT work!
    Week 5 here we come!!
    Tina & Rick

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  • Guest (Cicely Ware)


    Great job Britney! Way to push yourself this week. Remember you can do more than you think. When you want to quit think about the run on Saturday! You did amazing! I was so proud of you. Keep your positive attitude and it will definitely take your far in this program! Remember: "If it was easy... Everyone would be doing it!" "If it doesn't challenge you ... It doesn't change you!"


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