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 My name is Jon Osborn, I am a Mechanical Engineer at XY Tool & Die in LaOtto.  My wife Amy, of 20 years, and I have 4 children Kyle (19), Cooper (17), Caden (11) , & Caroline (6 ½) as she likes to point out. Some of my favorite things to do are listening to and playing music (guitar, bass, key, singing).  We attend Northeast Christian Church and live near Georgetown on Fort Wayne’s east side. 

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Sorry for not blogging.  I feel so disconnected this week.  It has been a rough 10 days or so.  I woke up on Sat the 13th with what I thought was cellulitis.  I called Tina about it and immediately went to the urgent care for treatment.  Turns out I was correct about the cellulitis, but the doctor also found an ulcer on the bottom of my foot that looked infected as well.  They game me two shots in the hips and a prescription of antibiotics.  He advised to go to the hospital if it wasn't better in 24 hours.  Sunday morning I awoke and it was no better so I admitted myself to Parkview.  I then spent the next 3 days there with lots of IV antibiotics and also having surgery on the ulcer to remove all the infected skin.  I ended up not eating any food from 8:30 Sunday night until 6:30 Monday night.  I was worried about my food while I was there, but before I even got into my room I contacted Bev and she helped me figure out how to relay my dietary needs to the staff at the hospital.  I stuck to everything pretty well despite the circumstances.  I am nervous about weigh in tomorrow.  I truly believe this all was for a reason.   I think the Lord knows me and my body with being a 43 year old diabetic in my condition of health I just believe he knew I needed some extra rest.  Well... I got it.   I'm praying that my doctor's appointment on Tuesday will go well and I'll be released to some form of physical activity.  


I cannot begin to say thank you enough to Rick and Tina for letting me continue to be a part of this program despite such a large setback.  I do know that this time away will for sure give me a big change in perspective for the remaining weeks.  I plan to make the most of the time I have left and live in the present as I was created to do an cherish this time with my teammates and coaches.  Love you all can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!



This week's weigh in was a little disappointing at 1.4 lbs. but a loss is a loss and I'll be grateful no matter what.  I'll be tweaking my menu a bit to shoot for some extra protein and less carbs. I'm hoping to make it to a double digit loss this week which I know is a stretch, but maybe some extra love will push me a little further this week.  


I really enjoy extra love, I think I might try and make for the rest of the season.  It's a better warm up than walking.  Yesterday's workout with Cici was MURDER!!!  And then to top it all off we had to do a 2 MINUTE WALL SIT!!!!! And if anyone dropped or stood up we all had to do it again.  Until that point I had not even made it one whole minute.  As soon as she said it my mind said NO FREAKIN WAY!!! Cici immediately saw it on my face and called me out that I needed to get out of my head because it was all in my head and my head was telling me I wasn't going to do it.  But like my father always told me Can't Never Did Nothin'!  So Scotty switched places with someone so he could be next to me and cheer me on which was super thoughtful and helpful.  We started and I was fine for about 30-45 seconds, then it started to get hard.  Cici said we still had 1 minute to go and my heart sank, I thought I was doing so well but I felt as if there was no way to finish.  My arms started to shake profusely and Tina came over to let my hands rest on hers to make it just a slight bit easier for me to finish.  I felt like Moses when they held his arms up so the sun would not set and the army could stay in daylight to win the war.  And in the end I made it the whole 2 MINUTES!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I fell to the floor and we only had to do one wall sit.  Thank Jesus!  Cici made her point big time for me in that moment.  We HAVE to push ourselves to out limits to see gains in fitness and loss in weight.  Thank you thank you thank you Cici for pushing and never giving up on us and never letting us give up on ourselves.


My little victories for this week include buying a new pair of jeans not size 48, but size 44!!!  I haven't worn a 44 in at least 20 years.  I also put on a belt the I could not wear 2 weeks and I had to go to the second hole!  At this point in the season I am just feeling very grateful.  Seeing the commitment of all the trainers and all of the teams is just so inspiring!



Last night was weigh in and I really didn't think I was going to lose 7lbs.  I'm so happy to be in the 360's which sounds kind of dumb when you write it out, but nevertheless I haven't been here in at least a decade.  I was very proud of myself for coming in twice yesterday and working out.  Shout out to Cici for helping find an awesome setting on the elliptical.  Nothing better than some Dubstep and high intensity elliptical cardio.  I was so amped up after that workout.  I still cannot get over how great I feel already after 5 weeks.  Even my wife was impressed as she noticed some added hardness and definition in my bicep the other day.  

I just want to take the time to call out my teammates.  April, your smile is infectious and really helps me make it through those grueling times where I can't even seem to breathe but you are over there smiling away.  I believe you've been given a gift to realize how finite this world can be but that you can make it through every day with grace and class. Rob, you always have me in stitches, You have really stood beside me from the beginning and always encouraged me.  Katie, you have been so uplifting to all of us.  When we're at our last bit you always encourage us to stay strong and make it to the end of the set.  Your posts are awesome and you set such a great example in planning and following through especially in regards to meal planning.  Anthony, your drive and determination are a benchmark for us all.  Seeing you get stronger and push yourself to the limit just brings me so much hope and an example of what to keep striving for.  We were all just commenting on our group chat about how far we've come and how close we've already gotten in only 5 weeks.  I'm truly looking forward to being apart of your lives for a lifetime hopefully.  Because we're doing this together and together we stand strong.  

I only have one fear and that is going back.  We've heard the stories over and over of how so many have gone back, so I'm trying real hard to be present and mindful that this is a lifestyle and a marathon, not a race or a diet.  Lord willing we'll all make it to our goals and keep it off for life.  I try to look at it like a blessing.  Our bodies physically show us we are unhealthy and that we need to be on track.  Some people can't even gain a pound, but we can see where we are and how far we have to go.  So again I saw thank you all for everything you do for us!





Today's workout was 10 different stations for one minute each and I loved it!  My biggest take away today was Cici's testimony.  She is the utter picture of hard work and determination.  Her story is filled with suffering, but it is filled even more with love and redemption.  The same love and redemption given to us contestants and alumni.  I was so moved by her story, it just fuels me to try harder and harder and to push my self further than before, but not all the way to the Time Out chair Mama T.  I cannot thank Cici enough for lowering her guard and being vulnerable enough to share some very huge struggles in her life.  She is a true picture of God's love and redeeming grace.  Thanks for always being there to push us to places we never thought we could go.


I also got great news today as I am officially off all my blood pressure and diabetes medicines bar half a dose of one minor medication.  God is so good!  I haven't taken the medicine in a couple weeks already and judging by all of the self monitoring I've been doing the doctor agreed that I should refrain from the medicine as long as I maintain the weigh loss and physical activity.  Thanks Rick and Tina for this opportunity to reverse a big issue in my life.  Many great things will come from this but a huge benefit is all the heart ache and pain I'll be keeping my family from.  


I was also extremely encouraged by Jeremy Sessions goal weight photo.  I don't know the exact number but close to 140 lbs. down in 14-15 months.  So inspiring!!  I can't wait to reach my goal hopefully by early next year-ish.  I would love to weigh 260-270lbs.  That's a little over another 100lbs. from where I am now, I'm sure it's doable.  I was there once and there's no reason I can't get back there especially with all the love and support of my FWSW forever family!




This week has been great so far!  My ankle is feeling much better without running this week, I have also really enjoyed the EJ bike and med ball workout as well as the extra time in the pool.  I had NO idea you could do so much work in zero gravity!  My weight loss was second highest this week and our team is in first place as well.  It's really been a great week.  Staying steady with my food seems to be working good as well.  I feel better than I have maybe ever already.  I"m sure it's just been too many years since I felt good so I don't even have an idea of what it's like. All week I've been wearing clothes that have always been too small for me to wear, I can't say what a great feeling it is.  I pray I can keep this up for the rest of my life.  I just want to be here for my wife and my children and my Savior.  I'm just going to keep moving forward no matter what the scale says.  I will give all I can and dial it back some so Mama T doesn't put me in the time out chair.  After hearing all the Alumni speak about their journeys down this road and some back to where they were, it is my fervent prayer that this WILL become my life style and that I may even be able to spur on and encourage those around me to a better life.


My biggest prayer of thanks this week, though, is my wife, Amy.  I know it's been hard to watch me deteriorate for the last 2 decades.  You've watched me get diabetes and start down the same path that others have taken before me, but you have always stuck by me.  You have chosen to get up everyday and forsake all others for ME!  I have not been the best version of myself.  I dedicate this all to you so that we can live out the rest of our lives together without so many trials that would have certainly come had my course not been changed.  I love you so much, thank you!




So far this week is much better than last week.  My arthritis has been worse at times, but manageable thus far. I pray it continues to at least be manageable enough to take the beating of the hundred and some miles that will have to be walked/jogged/ ran in the next few months.  It is really my only fear of this program.  Although Rose was so nice to introduce me to Wes from season 8 who has it as well in the ankles, and said that he completed the half marathon so that gave me a little hope.  My shoes came in today, so hopefully they fit well.  I will also be going to the Podiatrist next week so maybe there will be some other courses of action that might give me a slight bit of relief.  Also my glucose levels have been outstanding as well as my blood pressure, so I am also excited to see my doctor next week as well to find out about lowering some of my dosages.  I pray that some of the neuropathy will start to do better as well.  Spin class was a good time with Mari, but because of my weight and ankle issues the bike was extremely hard for me to ride as well as I was already saddle sore from riding last weekend with the newest bike rider in our family, Caroline who has been on that thing non-stop since she learned to ride without her training wheels a couple weeks ago.  I have been amazed that I have not been very hungry or craved much since the beginning.  Also I have had little problem being around the food as well.  I made a conscious decision to just be fine with whatever is around me because it will always be around.  So if they want pizza, I'll be happy to pick it up and take it home and eat my veggie egg white omelette.  I choose to not let it be an issue, and I can only attribute this to a gift from God.  Also another gift is not being able to smell.  I heard from others how hard it is to smell things everywhere and not crave it.  Plus they say it is the sense most closely related to memory so I don't have to mull over the fact that I can't eat that delicious bacon I smell, because I don't even know it's there.  I thank God for this.  All in all I am so impressed and thankful for everyone who gives to this program so selflessly.  Hundreds and hundreds of hours given to me at no expense.  I praise Jesus for all of you.




Day 10

Today was pool day!  I love pool day, it is a very intense workout, but different and it really keeps the pressure off my ankles.  I feel stronger everyday, and am so much less sore than last week.  Last night was the walk at Spiece and I had a great time walking and catching up with my teammate April.  She is such a strong woman and has been though so much, thank you so much for your inspiring stories.  They were very uplifting for me.  In a nutshell we both looked back at our paths through life up till now and truly saw God's mighty hand guiding and leading, and nudging us in the directions that take us to who we are today.  I am just still so grateful for this experience, and I will never stop saying it.  Thank you Tina for having my back and keeping me safe.  One of this program's biggest strengths is the humility and compassion of the trainers in always striving to create a safe place to push yourself but not to a place of hurt and torment, but to a place where you can work hard and see results at your own pace.  Thank you for calling us out with love when we need it and having our back always and forever!




Day 8

Last night was amazing!!!!  We all did so well!  Largest loss in Smallest Winner History!!!!!  Between us 25 and the 9 Alumni we lost almost 300lbs. in 1WEEK!!!  I must say that God is so good and He has definitely brought me thus far.  I literally feel the hundreds of prayers raised for me in His name.  I can say I've barely felt hungry.  I have NO desire to drink pop, have fast food, or any other unhealthy craving.  That for me, is a HUGE blessing!  I've played so many stupid mental games with food for so many years.  A few years ago I was going to try out for the Biggest Loser and I'm so glad I didn't and got to be a part of this program.  I truly believe this is the best weight loss program on the planet.  The encouragement and accountability is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  There is no other path than to be the man I"m supposed to have always been and it is in community that I believe this is possible.  This community reinforces everything Jesus taught.  My entire outlook is changing.  I was so broken and down on myself, and you all just took it away with love, positivity, and a model of what it looks like to be driven.  Again I can't thank you all enough for the encouragement, hopefully I can repay it in the future.




Today marks day 7!  First real weigh-in.  I am excited to see the results of week 1's efforts.  It was a long hard week, but it is amazing how much better I already feel.  My clothes are already slightly looser which is encouraging!  Speaking of encouragement, I have felt SO encouraged by every single person involved in this program.  The love poured out on FB has also given me so much hope and support.  Every time I think I want to eat something unhealthy or not go workout I remember ALL the people that are praying and watching my journey with so much enthusiasm.  This is what I have been praying for, for a very long time.  This accountability and encouragement will be they lynch pin to my success.  Food is still hard to plan for as I still don't have a lot of recipes that I like under my belt.  I can tell you what I'd eat at every fast food restaurant but still have lots to learn about healthy eating and what types of foods I like and can continue to eat with success.  That's what nutrition class is for and I am looking forward to all of that support as well.  Finger crossed for weigh-in tonight, Thanks for following my journey!



Today was workout 2!  They said yesterday was the hardest and I don't think they were correct.  I have been so encouraged by my team and all the trainers and nutritionists!  It's really amazing to me how much the accountability truly means to me.  I think it might be the one thing that keeps me on this journey.  Every time I'm hungry or I want to give up I think of the hundreds of people on FB and all of my teammates and especially Rick, Tina and all the trainers and nutritionists who give to freely and unselfishly.  THAT is what motivates me!  So thank you thank you thank you for all of your encouragement it truly means the world to me that so many are praying for and pulling for me.  I literally feel your prayers holding me together and lifting me up.  We had to do lots of arm circles today and all I could think of was how they had to hold Moses' arms up so that the daylight would stay and they would win the battle.



Tonight starts the journey!!! I'm so excited to see what the next 15 weeks bring! I've made a commitment to myself to do everything possible to rely on God for every step in this personal competition. My goal is to stay focused and have nothing but a positive attitude towards everyone and everything. Weigh-in was sobering. We clapped for each person and then at the end Rick screamed out "AND THIS IS THE MOST YOU WILL EVER WEIGH AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE". That is a huge statement, and it gives me SO MUCH HOPE! This is the first day of the rest of my life as Matt Maher says and so I plan to make it that. A line is drawn in the sand and I never plan to be back here again!


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  • We miss you buddy, but you will be back. Keep blogging and sharing your thoughts. This is just a bump in the road. You will succeed. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Guest (Ashley)

    Way to kick butt this week, Jon! Man...I feel like this week was a big one for you. It's almost as if you have been in some sort of "mold", and this week I witnessed you COMPLETELY BREAK THROUGH that mold. During wall sits, planks, and boxing I could see that you were pushing yourself to the max mentally and physically. You should be extremely proud of yourself, as I know we as trainers and coaches are. You inspired a lot of people this week...keep up the hard work, as it's certainly paying off. Here's to another strong week!

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  • Jon-
    We love to see how hard you are pushing! I am "trying" to keep you out of my "time out chair" LOL We know you want to change your life so much and it shows each and every workout.

    You are getting stronger and more confident each workout which makes us so happy. You are doing things you thought you couldn't, oh what a feeling. Our hope is you know we are all here to help anyway we can. We also can see you are learning to pull back when needed!

    Keep the fight and know you are such a pleasure to have in this program. You have kept a great attitude and always want to try to go the extra. Love seeing you at the gym for your extra workouts!

    Week 7 here we come!
    Let's do this!


    Tina and Rick

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  • Jon just want to say you are freaking awesome ! You inspire me more than you know! We know you push so hard (sometimes more than you should) even when it hurts and makes the rest of us push harder too ! God definitely had his hand in putting our team together ! We are all so blessed :) #breakoutblue4life!!!

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  • Thanks so much for your kindness and encouragement. Your hard work is evident and the, no medication, is so amazing! Great job! Cheers to making week 7 the best yet!

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  • Jon-
    First and foremost loved when you told me about your medicine! OH MY WORD this has to be the BEST feeling ever! Just think my the end of 15 weeks how great you will feel too!
    You works so hard and YES, sometimes the MAMA T "time out chair" is calling your name. We SO appreciate how hard you work BUT SAFETY is ALWAYS first as you know. I know you want to push so hard but there are times my heart almost comes out of my chest!! We will continue to watch you!!!
    Proud of how hard you push and we can see how much you want to change your life!
    Love you mentioned alumni Jermey! He has been such a role model! He he from Season 3 and if you get time you should hear his whole story. He has so many reasons to not and NEVER makes excuses. I hope you will walk with him and here his whole story. He is one of the MOST amazing men I have ever meant. Thanking GOD for meeting him. I do believe you too can do this. I know your work ethic and drive. Jermey would be a GREAT mentor to help you after the program:)
    Keep pushing ....well. .... only to the level you don't go to the MAMA T TIME OUT CHAIR!!!
    Week 6 here we come!
    Let's do this!
    Tina and Rick

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  • Man Jon, your faith is so inspiring to me. I know all the teams are great but I'm so grateful for this one - each of you help me in just a different way. Thanks Jon

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  • Guest (Rose Murphy)

    So excited for you getting to wear your clothes that were too small!
    And that you feel so good!

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  • Jonathan-
    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! SO REAL! You are working so hard and YES MAMA T will have to put you in time out chair! WE see you pushing so hard and sometimes you scare us and we have to pull you back for your safety.) SAFETY is always first. You will continue to lose weight and we will do with other workouts. We are glad E.J, was able to show you there are many different ways to workout and be effective!
    Keep trusting the process and know we are all here to help you every step of the way!
    Love you gave a shout out to your wife! SUPPORT at home is the key to success!!
    Week 5 here we come!
    Let's do this!
    Tina and Rick

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  • Jon I am glad your body is feeling better by using the pool a little more. We def miss you on the land workouts but we look forward to pool day so we are together as a team. You are killing it!!!! The results don't lie so keep doing what you are doing !!

    Go Blue!

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