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Hello!  I am Katie Northington - a 38 year old, fun loving, hard working, ambitious woman who values personal relationships.  I enjoy spending quality time with my husband (Nate) and family/friends.  I am a Season 6 Alumni and am looking forward to Season 10!

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5/20/17 - feeling so accomplished this week.  Pushing hard with running and training and on track with nutrition ---- hoping the few tweeks I made with food by adding more carbs pay off on the scale.  I do feel like I have more energy this week so that alone is worth it.  

Ran / walked 7 miles today and that was for sure a proud moment

My clothes are sitting me differently and people are noticing my weight loss --- seeing the results really does help me push forward when it is hard or I am feeling tired.  My husband and family is super supportive and I think that has been a big help

looking forward to Mondays weigh in. I love seeing everyone this season really doing so great   I love my team and nutritionists- everybody is just bonding so well.  The Warrior Women of Season 10 are growing closer and forming bonds that I hope last a lifetime.  The guys are all buddy buddy and crack us up most days with their commentary.   Really so blessed to be a part of this.

5/13/17 - I am so proud of how we all pushed ourselves today at the run.  I looked at those in front of me as I ran and thought wow.... we def weren't able to do this 7 weeks ago!!  I love this group of people!!!   Feeling strong today - sore but strong!

5/10/17 - today was an emotional day for me in a good way.  We did the circuit training again and then ended with a 2 min wall sit   Cicely said if anyone quit or popped up we all would do again.  Peer pressure evidently works because nobody quit or popped up.  At the 1:20 mark I really started to struggle and Beverly my nutritionist was next to me on my left and Anthony on my right.  I was shaking and my arms were dropping..... Beverly grabbed my left hand and said you can do this don't give up.  Anthony kept saying you got this Katie.   My whole body at this point was shaking.  I remember being at 1:40 and I just thought can I do 20 more seconds?  Everyone was pushing so hard   I yelled DO NOT QUIT to wveryone but it was really me yelling at myself.  6, 5, 4, 3, almost there 2, 1!    Done!  I immediately just started to cry.  I wasn't trying to cry it just started to flow out of me.  Someone came up to me and just hugged me and I just stood there and cried on their shoulder for a few seconds, my body still shaking---- I don't even know who it was.  I was so outside of myself in the moment that I don't even know who I was hugging other than it was an Alumni.  I was crying because I was so proud that I did it and I gave EVERYTHING I had inside of me to do it.

this is a moment I will remember and cherish.

5/8/17 - weigh in day and I am down 2.4 pounds!  I am happy with that considering the challenges I faced this past week.  I am glad that even though my workouts didn't happen as I had planned each day that my NUTRITION was on point.

I had such a great time at the nutrition class tonight.  We went to Krogers at Coventry and were able to walk the store with our nutritionist and ask questions.  So thankful for this opportunity- really enjoyed this class.

5/6/17 - had a great walk run this morning with the group   It is crazy how much we are doing only 5 weeks in.  I notice myself changing every week.  It is pretty cool to see not only myself changing but also the other contestants.  


One big big non scale victory I had this week was that I finally got into a jacket my husband bought me last year   It zips and fits perfect right now..... that felt good!!  Also my jeans are a size 18 which I haven't been for a year +    Those are 2 big things for me this week and it came Just in time to remind me that my hard work really is making a difference in my body   

I am so thankful to be able to hit the reset button and get a do over  - I really needed this.  Feeling like my true self is coming out again.

5/5/17 - this week has really been a challenge for me   My work hours have been ridiculous this week and I worked 17+ hour days Monday and Tuesday   It has effected my entire week though because I don't feel like I am back into my routine.  I am tired and know I need more sleep.  Looking forward to the weekend to reset my mental state.

with that said, I am proud that I have stayed on track with food.  I have prepped and packed my lunches and dinners for work knowing I wouldn't be home until late.  I know 80% is nutrition and I have kept on track with that--- but I know I haven't gotten my 2nd workouts in as I should have.   

my nutritionists have given me some good feedback and last week 16 of my 20 meals were "balanced".  I see myself getting more into a groove with planning and prepping and know this is something I will forever have to be mindful of

4/26/17 - Today was an important day for me with my journey.  I really struggled the last week with self-doubt and concern that maybe I wasn't up to par with where I should be with my loss in the program.  Workouts have been increasingly harder and I am tired and sore.  I have always had a problem with thinking I cant do things so I pop up from the squat early or put my arms down before time is up, etc and I tell myself that I couldn't do it longer   Truth he told though I CAN do better  --- today proved it to me.

Today we had stations that had different activities for us and there were 9 total   I can say I thought deep down I was doing all I could to do these and giving everything inside of me.  When we finished the first round cece said ok guys this time dig deeper   Do more this time.  Go longer.  I thought uhm ok????? Is that possible?  Well I pushed harder on every single station and guess what..... I DID MORE MY 2ND ROUND THAN MY 1ST.

i didn't pop up on my wall sit   As my thighs were burning and legs shaking I remained in position - my teammate Anthony reminding me why this 1 minute wall sit is so important because it is more than just 1 minute ..... it is one of many 1 minutes that add up.  I really think had he not kept talking to us all telling us to stay down and push that I would have given in to my deceiving mind.

when we got to the planks ..... I held that plank.  The whole minute.  It wasn't the prettiest plank and cece told me to get my but down, but I did it.   This position has been my Achilles heel always- it has always been hard for me------ so I will take that ugly plank that I pushed thru those 60 seconds with every bit of me and will be proud......

so I say all this to remind myself that I am stronger and more capable than I believe myself to be.  My trainers I think actually believe in my abilities more than I do myself.  I don't want to be a quitter or a person who only gives my all until it's hard and then says I can't.

New perspective........  I needed this today.

4/23/17 - today we completed our first 5k as a group and it was such a great experience.  I love the family-like feeling that FWSW brings.......  it is hard to not become close to people who are going thru such an intimate journey with you.  For many, it was their very first organized "race".  I have personally done several since my first season but it has been a long time since I have done one so it was equally exciting for me too.

my husband joined me today and I sooooo appreciate his support. He helped me keep my pace during my walking segments and helped me stay focused on my breathing.

Feeling accomplished today.   It is a great feeling of validation to complete a run and afterwards I was relieved to have ripped off the bandage on my dry spell for doing these.

now time to prep food for the week.   My nutritionists have had a lot of feedback.  Working on the balanced plate and although I had some great days with that - there is still room for improvement.  It starts with my planning though.  I think I need to plan a little more carbs.  The nutrition part is definitely the hardest.  The labels can be so deceiving and sometimes I think I am making a great choice and then it ends up not being the case.   I appreciate all of the feedback from Beverly and Christy.   I know they take a lot of time analyzing my logs so i take their feedback to heart.


4/20/17 - this week has been a challenge with my work travels.  I definitely need to rethink my food plan for days I am traveling with limited access to a microwave.  Just a few minor adjustments with that and it will be all good.


4/17/17 - this week I am down 4 pounds - whoot whoot!!!!  I really felt great about my efforts and nutrition this week, even with Easter on Sunday.  I planned my food as if it were any other day and I enjoyed spending time with my family. 

  1. On top of having a good weigh in individually, my team had the highest percentage lost this week which was really cool.  It's funny because last week we were last and this week first.  So we have cool medals to hold for the week ...... can we defend the title???  We will see!

4/13/17 - So we had a meeting all day at work and my boss took everyone to Casa's for lunch.  She shared that with us last week.  I finally asked if I could just pass on lunch because I am not supposed to go out to eat AND there is literally nothing for me there that I would feel good about consuming.  So I stayed back and ate my preplanned lunch.  She apologized a few times for picking a place that didn't have options for me and said she didn't even think of it ---- but I told her do not apologize, go and ENJOY lunch!  This is on me.  I have to do this for me and I have to worry about myself and always have a plan.  I felt good about it and enjoyed my meal that I packed.  One other person also stayed back and had her salad which turned into a great opportunity to connect one on one.  

I am tired today.  Physically and mentally.  It has been a busy week at work and I have gotten a 2nd workout in all week except tonight.  My body needed a rest tonight.  I figure this will allow me to recharge and finish the week strong and be ramped up for the weekend.  Nate suggested I go get a massage - which does sound nice.  I think I will ask the trainers if that is a good idea or not.  Either way I know I need some Katie zen time and plan to carve time out this weekend to do something for myself - even if it is just having a coffee and reading a magazine or something.  Just 30 min of peace and quiet with no phone, no obligations, just me myself and I would be great!

4/11/17 - This was a hard day for me during workout.   We had stations (which I like) so we changed stations and what we weee doing every 6 minutes.  By the time I got to the sleds I was so winded.  I am sure it is because I am still not conditioned for this level of workout yet.  My body is working hard and my breathing is reflective of that.  I don't have asthma or any history of lung problems and my breathing isn't anything more than me being out of shape.  

By the time I got finished pushing the sled down the performance turf one time - I just lost my breath  I walked away a little to catch it and it felt like I just couldn't get a deep breath so I panicked.  Tears started to fall from my eyes and it was involuntary.   My teammate April kneeled down in front of me and just talked me thru it and the trainer Josh was right there too.  I was so appreciative of both.   

I was embarrassed and disappointed that I couldn't finish the station.  Josh and Rick were so reassuring.  I know in time my conditioning will be better.  In the meantime I have to listen to my body.

This evening my husband nate and I did a spin class together and it was great.  I enjoyed having him there and as we were spinning I tried to remember the last time we did spin together --- I couldn't remember because it has been that long.  This used to be what we did - we were active together.  I am very much looking forward to being active together again!  Nate has been so supportive of my journey and has picked up the slack since my free time is limited to about an hour a day.  He is so understanding and encouraging.  We are going to schedule a few days off work over every few weeks for the next few months just so we can have some quality time together --- because that has been hard with the program.  So that is what we thought would be a good way to keep balance.


4/8/17 - Today was a fantastic day.  It stated with the FWSW walk and then later I did an additional 5.6 mile walk/jog.  Yes jog.  I jogged until I couldn't breathe well and then I walked to recover.  I did that combo for the first 2.75 miles ---- at which time I met up with my best friend Angie and we walked at a very brisk pace an additional 3 miles together   I was winded the whole time and was super sweaty when I returned.  It was GREAT.

i am feeling empowered today.  Proud.  Excited for the future.

 4/7/17 - What a crazy busy week.  I haven't blogged in 5 days which is longer than I would have liked to have gone.  But I am here now :)    This week the trainers turned it up a notch on us, which is great.  The trainers said they were going to work us even harder next week.  I have nightmares of burpies and the party train - but I am ready because I know I am ABLE to do these.  It is hard, but I am able.  I have to remember that because I sometimes let myself think I cant do this or I cant do that.  I can do it, I know I can.  Mind over matter. 

This week has been awkward for me as I forgot my lunch in the fridge the last 2 days so I had to do things on the fly.  There is a Kroger right by where I work so today I picked up a bag of spinach, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, dressing, strawberries, blackberries, and precut broccoli and cauliflower on the way in.  It got me thru the day but still a little bummed I forgot my lunch.  I got some feedback from my nutritionist, Christy, and she had some great things to say and some really helpful suggestions.  It is great to have professional resources at our fingertips like the dietitians.  My team has 2 dietitians (Christy and Beverly) and both are fantastic and encouraging. 

Looking forward to this weeks weigh-in and I am hoping I do well.  I haven't gotten a 2nd workout in everyday this week - really only on Tuesday so far.  So today (Friday) and the weekend I have to push really hard to burn those calories.

Now, time to make this weekend count -----


4/2/17 - Today is rest and plan/prep day   I think the week went really well   I followed my plan and worked hard   Tomorrow is weigh in and nutrition class  I am excited to see the results of my hard work tomorrow   

Yesterday was the first Sat group run - which we walked  there was a huge group that came   It was nice seeing people's spouses, kids, friends come out and support the contestants   My husband (Nate) came and then my cousin Amanda (Season 6 Alumni) also came out.  It was great having the support and encouragement   That is something that is never lacking in tbis program and I love that  

Thinking about this next week and I am a little nervous about time management  Monday and Tuesday are going to be hard days for me at work.  More Tuesday than anything.  I am mapping out my food and activity plan today so I am prepared  

3/29/17 - First week is in full motion!!!  My body is sore in places I haven't been sore in a long time.  Sore in a good way though - like I know I am using muscles that I have neglected.  Yesterday (Tuesday) we had our 1st FWSW workout in the morning and it was great.  EJ and Josh showed us some great stretches and worked us hard.  My team (breakout blue), the Navy team, and the purple team did our timed mile.  I think mine was just over 17 minutes.  It's a starting point.

After work yesterday I decided to go back to Spiece for a 2nd workout (low impact) and I walked 2 miles on the upper track at a brisk pace.  I was sweating by the time I was finished!

Today (Weds) was Cicely's class and O.M.G. did she work us today!!!!!   I just know that what she is having us do is going to really pay off.  Today was a tough class.  There were a few times I broke the movements or put my arms down but I kept telling myself YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!  Tonight is the first group walk/run at Deer Ridge so looking forward to that.

Food has been good.  I am eager to get feedback from my nutritionist next week.  I think I am on the right path and am getting all of my food groups and fats in for each day.  Drinking a lot of water.  Today is my 3rd week being "clean" from sweeteners in my coffee.  I am glad I started that change before the program started because after quitting the sugar free syrup I had a headache for a bout 2 weeks.  Now I don't anymore.  Today I went to get my post workout morning coffee and they accidently put sweetener in it.  I knew as soon as I took my first sip and frankly the sweetness was overwhelming.  I turned my car around and went back and had them redo my drink with just ice and coffee.  That's it.  Nothing else. 


I am so thankful to be given a 2nd chance.  I have been making a conscious effort to personally thank everyone I can who is part of the board and alumni because I know I really needed this.  I am so grateful and humbled.

3/27/17 - Yesterday was a super busy day as I planned my food for this week and then prepped everything.  I am eager to show my plan to my nutritionist in class tonight and see what, if anything, she thinks I need to modify.  In addition to planning out my food for the week, I also mapped a plan for exercise/activity for the week.  Obviously I will be in FWSW training in the mornings and then the scheduled runs - but I have wrote down goals for the other parts of the week.  Walking on lunch breaks.  Adding a few classes here and there (I really liked intervals and spin in my season).  I am going to treat these activities like an appointment that I cannot miss.  I work well off of 'to do' lists - so hoping this helps me manage my time and stay on course.

Tonight is our first weigh-in and nutrition class.  EEK!!!!!  I am excited to get this thing started. 


3/20/17 - This past weekend was the big Orientation Weekend and I was able to meet the Season 10 contestants and see the FWSW family.  I am beyond blessed to be able to have a 2nd chance at regaining my health.  As I sat there during orientation, I thought about the first orientation I went thru and how nervous I was.  I am still nervous this time around but it is a different kind of nervous.  I know what to expect (for the most part, I am sure there have been changes since my season) and I am not afraid of the weigh in process which was a big fear of mine the first time around.  My nervousness  is more or less that of wanting to shine and be successful so that Rick/Tina and the FWSW board doesn't regret giving me this 2nd chance.  I know that this season I have to show up and work even harder than I did the first season (and I worked my butt off)..... I just have to work even harder.  And I will.

I am excited for the program to start and I just cannot wait to reclaim my ability to run on a regular basis.  I am excited to spend quality time with my husband outdoors being active rather than sitting in front of a tv, which is a routine I am embarrassed to say we have slowly slipped into.  I am excited to go thru this really intimate journey with 24 strangers that I just met yesterday -- I know we will all be close soon. 

FWSW Season 10 - Countdown to go time! 

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  • Love your positive attitude you bring everyday. Glad to read you felt better with a few more carbs. Scale should be kind to you too. Just keep practicing your new lifelong habits, this time you will be a new changed person forever, your so worth it. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Guest (Ashley)

    Katie--congratulations on completing another 6 miles today! Again, it's so awesome to have your husband out supporting you and the program. We as trainers and coaches absolutely love it. I am grateful for your smiling face and positive attitude on a daily basis. You are showing amazing progress at only half way through, and I can't wait to see you complete that 1/2 marathon on July 1st. Keep up this momentum, girl!

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  • Katie-
    VERY excited to read about the Jacket Nate purchased for you and being able to wear! What a VICTORY for sure! Love you are taking in each moment and celebrating.

    We can see you pushing so hard and working on your breathing. Love seeing Nate with you on the runs. You were working so hard Saturday and getting stronger each run. What a great feeling for you two to do together. You continue to excel and will do your half marathon July 1st!! OH what a accomplishment this will be as you know!!

    Keep pushing and know we are all cheering for you:)

    Week 7 here we come!

    Let's do this!

    Tina and Rick

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  • Katie you are rockin girl! Love that you are my teammate and that you are such a cheerleader :) Can't wait to see what great things we can do this week #breakoutblue! #season10warriorwomen

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  • Nice blog... I love how you shared its all of the 1 minutes added up that count. A nice loss, and do realize it is even better then it seems. You weighed a day and half sooner then actual weigh in thus that 3 could be an actual 4 or more. With that said it should make for a great weigh in on week 6. Keep making new habits that will keep your success going long after FWSW is over. This time it is forever. Good job. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Congrats, Katie on finishing the 5k! You worked it and it was hard to keep up with you and Nate. I admire the fact that you had been sick over the past couple days and was able to get back into the momentum of kickin butt! Well done! Cheers to week 5!

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  • Guest (Rose Murphy)

    I am so glad Nate ran the 5K for you! And so awesome to have that high of a job well done after the race!

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  • Katie-
    SO happy you felt better and were able to do the 5K today. BEST part your husband by your side. As you know, having your husband by your side throughout this program is the BEST. He is your cheerleader and wants the best for you! We love NATE is so supportive and loves you to pieces!
    Keep pushing and you know you can do anything you set your mind to. We know you got this and we know you know what to do!
    Love you gave a shout out to your nutritionists, they are awesome and a huge blessing. Glad you are doing what they have suggested!
    Week 5 here we come!
    Let's do this!
    Tina and Rick

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  • Doing great Katie!

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  • Guest (Arana Crisler)

    You are doing such a great job. Keep it up.

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