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Hi, my name is Robert Hennessey, Age 45.  I'm Married with 4 children ages 4-19.  I'm originally from NYC and have lived in Fort Wayne 2.5 Years and love it.

I love to read, ride motorcycles and spend time with my kids. 

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Yesterday we did 7 miles - so inspired and grateful to have accomplished that for the first time in years.  Still was feeling down about walking as opposed to running because of my nagging achilles, but Tina worked with me this week and has me on a walking pace that is actually faster than my jog was.  Best part is that it's helping me build strength and endurance but didn't hurt my achilles at all.  In fact my achilles is actually pain-free today for the first time in almost a week.  I also really appreciate Britney and LaToya for being right there with me, quietly and vocally inspiring me to go further.  And it also feels really great that so many of our faster teammates take time to wait for us at the end of the line.  Even though our immediate team is BREAKOUT BLUE I feel like everyone on every team helps everyone wherever and whenever they can.  I don't know if that was common to the other years but I feel really special about all of our teams and the alumni.

And as always, thank you to Rick, Tina and all of the others that make this journey possible.  A special thank you to one of my two amazing nutritionists, BEV, for really helping me this week by holding me just a little extra accountable.  This is the middle of the journey and that kind of help will keep me strong I pray.


Wow we are so fortunate that Rick, Tina and the trainers come in even earlier than usual to give us "extra love" workouts.  So far this week Rick has set my abs on fire and today made me crawl around like a bear, and I LOVE the pain I feel from the exertion.  Normal days are really hard as it is, and this makes them harder but there's also this HUGE sense of accomplishment and gratitude.  They could certainly be squeezing in a few more Zzz's so we owe it to them to really use this opportunity.

I feel like my meal balance is a lot better, mixing in more veggies and grains.  Andreas our PT also gave me the green light to start testing my back and achilles, so I'm looking forward to tonights run.

We are praying for our teammate April to make a speedy recovery - she's our energy and we need her back :)


Another small week; I have to focus and push even harder.  My nutritionists have already given me the key - better meal balance.  It's a small milestone to get your calories right, and then you have to eat better as well.

Last night's weigh-in was almost a way out for me.  Half-way through the info session I'd made up my mind to eat a cheeseburger and fries after the meeting, or a Grandma's Breakfast at Cracker Barrel, or Pizza.  Something that I would have loved while it was going down and kicked myself for the next few days or weeks.  Two things saved me - the main thing was my team talking about meals and sharing recipes and excitement over our weight loss, and the second was actually getting a Facebook ad for one pan honey balsamic chicken.  Instead of going off course completely I adapted the recipe to fit within our guidelines and made myself a fantastic healthy dinner that actually felt like a splurge it was so good.  The worst part was I had already planned to bring the food home so that no one would see me eat it in my FWSW shirt, but then was worried about what my kids would say.  My littlest will always ask if I'm allowed to be eating something on my "Fort Wayne Winner" and I didn't want to lie to her.  This is the second time I've felt this way, last time was during last week's meeting as well, but thankfully that passed too.  It just reminds me how easy it was to get to the point when I started this program; bad choices stacked on top of each other.  I'm happy about my weight loss, 27.8 pounds so far, but to put it in perspective that's just 11 pounds lighter than I was when I first moved here almost three years ago.  Sure it's hard to make the right choices but it's even harder to be fat, to suffer ridicule both perceived and real, to not be able to do things you want to do or used to be able to do.  Before the program I had to sit to put on my socks.  Yesterday my wife noticed my putting on my socks while standing at the bathroom counter and commented - that felt really great.


They keep say keep saying "Trust the process" and oh boy are they right - I did my first ever 5K this weekend with the team and it was AMAZING!!! I walked with Joy and she supported me the whole way, plus CiCi and Tina and other trainers coming to check up on us was amazing as well.

I'm really excited to feel so much better this week too, thanks to Andreas our amazing physical therapist who volunteers so much time for us and to Tina for keeping me from pushing too much and from not pushing enough. My back feels a ton better and as I'm doing my stretches every day my Achilles feels a lot better too.

I'm so inspired by what Tamika wrote in her blog. I believe it's how each and everyone one of us feel. It makes me especially grateful to have young men and woman in the program for whom this can be a salvation BEFORE they have a lifetime of being heavy, and to hear her talk about her fear of not seeing another day I really understood - until just my last week I felt every night like I was kissing my daughters goodnight for the very last time every single night. Now I'm sleeping better, feeling better and just loving this program and the people that run it.

That's another thing. Our trainers and support staff are giving so much for us. Time, effort and emotion - support and love as well. Even when CiCi is pushing us so hard to do things I understand it's because she is so dedicated to transforming us, she is basically giving us extra years on our lives, extra days with our children and loved ones; all of our trainers are and I - WE - are so grateful for that. When I walk down the aisle with my four year old daughter I am going to quietly thank CiCi, Ashley, Josh, EJ, Mari, Katelyn, Bev, Christy, Abigail, Jenny, Jen, Collen, Amanda, Stephanie, Michael, Jonetta, Sonja, Lennart. Anthony, Jon, Katie, April, and of course Rick and Tina (And everyone else that sposored us making this possible and that works to help us unseen) for getting me there.


Really bummed today - sent home due to being sick.  Lost my voice, bad tummy, up all night coughing (fell asleep some time after 2 A.M. for a 4:30 wake-up).  I feel like I'm being a nuisance to Rick and Tina, with my foot, my back and now being sick.  And I miss my team too - they are my backbone even when they aren't there.


Wow!!!  5.8 pounds!!!  So far I've lost over 20 pounds.  Trust the process!  Pool is just as intense it just doesn't feel as intense until you are done.  My foot and back are feeling much better too - I'm ready to get back to the land workout - just need to make sure to bring my gloves lol...


Foot really bothering me, and lower back as well.  Saw Andreas, the awesome physical therapist that volunteers his time for us, and he found some heat (?!?) and inflammation on my Achilles tendon and tension in my lower back.  He gave me some great stretches but also :( restricted me from running.  Tina, in her relentless concern for our safety, took me out of the regular program immediately and put me in the pool for evaluation after Monday weigh-in - really nervous about replacing the normal CiCi relentless workout with the pool but safety first...


First off, Tina is right (again) and this morning that oatmeal really helped me have a lot more energy, not just through the workout but through the day.  On the downside I forgot my boxing gloves in the car and CiCi gave me a well-deserved running session to help me remind me that not paying attention to my gear doesn't just let me down, it lets my team down as well.  Had a rough time after that, especially on sleds and that malaise followed me through the day, and I slipped on my meal plan for dinner.  Very disappointed in myself so I reached right out to my team and my nutritionists and they were all right there to support me and continue forward.  I was grateful that despite the bad meal I still was under my calories for the day and got right back on track.


Really learning to follow the process.  I thought I was doing great with my food but my awesome nutritionists let me know that I still needed to make sure I had the right balance of veggies, protein, starch in each meal, not just overloading one or the other at different times.  Also I've been sooo out of energy half-way through workouts; Tina gave me a great pep-talk and some specific advice on adding oatmeal and eggwhites to my breakfast.  I'm going to try that tomorrow  morning.


Wow what a journey so far...

I'm tired, sore, achey and I've never felt better.  I'm already sleeping better at night (exhaustion is a big help there) and while the workouts are back-breaking the trainers, nutritionists, Rick and Tina and the whole team lift your spirits the whole time and make you want to be that better version of yourself.

But the key to all this is the camaraderie and support from my team, Breakout Blue.  Each of them is an inspiration to me, they help me when I think I'm going to fail and cheer me on when I am succeeding.  Even with our meals that we do when we are not there to actually encourage each other they are supportive and encourage me to do just a little bit better.

I'm grateful to Rick and Tina for leading this charge and for all of the volunteers and Sponsors and our wonderful facility, SPIECE FITNESS - and their supportive members - for making this possible.

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  • Your losses are consistent and good. Your must be doing many things right. Remember the most important thing is to break bad habits and make good habits that keep you on this fit n healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. Stay diligent and remember why we ask so much of you in this 16 week boot camp. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Guest (Ashley)

    Great job this morning...6 miles! I am proud of you for listening to your body and backing off when your Achilles started to bother you. What's important is you were still out there and still MOVING! Be proud of that! Remember to focus on your form like we talked about. I think that will alleviate the shoulder/upper back soreness you've been having. Rest up tomorrow and get ready for another intense week...YOU CAN DO IT, ROB!

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  • Rob-
    We appreciate your blog. We know both your Nutritionist can help with meal plan. As we have stated you are NOT to be eating out. So, PLEASE talk with your Nutritionist and have meal plans for the week. We would also suggest you set up an appointment with Sonja. Sonja will be able to help you work through what is going on. We know this is her expertise and can help.

    Week 7 begins and we hope you will embrace this AMAZING GIFT and OPPORTUNITY and know the entire team is here to help.

    Let's do this.

    Tina and Rick

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  • You are doing so good Rob! So proud of you for talking yourself out of going off track ! Your getting stronger both mentally and physically!!! Our team is here you any time you need talked off the ledge #breakoutblue!!!!

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  • Hope that week 7 will be a great one for you! Keep focused, we are almost half way there! Thanks for all the encouragement.

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  • Nice blog! I feel like you have come along way in a short period of time. Maybe all these little speed bumps are out of the way for a little bit. We know there will be more... that's life but maybe you can get a break and enjoy this process. Keep working hard , and learning how to eat, and you will make some amazing numbers on your way to that fit healthy weight we are striving for. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Robert-
    Please no you are NOT a nuisance. FWSW is about SAFETY and HEALTH first. You even said you were glad I sent you home when we talked the next day....SO MAMA T was right:). You are doing great and when you are sick your body needs to rest.
    Proud of your weight loss and know you are working hard. Keep trusting the process and know the whole team is by your side!
    GREAT job with your 5K today! YOU DID IT! Oh what a feeling. Proud you felt better and were able to do!!
    Week 5 here we come!
    Let's do this!

    Tina and Rick

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  • Rob we miss you too but you have to take care of yourself friend!!! Glad you are starting to feel better and we got to do the race together today. I was so pumped to see you cross the finish line with Joy today. You really did great and should be PROUD!
    Sending you a high five buddy.
    Go Blue!

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  • Robert, give it a maximum effort and you will be pleased at the end of 15 weeks. Glad you are on this journey!

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  • Guest (Cicely Ware)


    You are doing a great job so far. I know things get challenging but keep your head up. You can do more than you think. Remember: "If it was easy... Everyone would be doing it!" "If it doesn't challenge you ... It doesn't change you!"


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