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My name is Anthony Berg, I was born and raised in Fort Wayne. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Melissa for 7 years this coming August. We have 2 handsome sons, Dylan - turned 3 in May and Mason - turned 1 this past December. In my free time, I enjoy playing board games with friends, watching and playing sports and spending time with my family. I am extremely thankful and looking forward to being apart of this amazing program.

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Week 8

Down another 6.2 lbs for a total of 46.6 lbs.  We just passed the half way point and I can't believe how fast this time has flown by.  This week has been draining week for me.  I don't think I'm getting to bed early enough and I can feel it in my body.  I have been giving my all in workouts, like always, but I've had very little energy the rest of the day.  I'm going to try to pack my meals a little better on the weekend so I can get to bed sooner during the week.  A few weeks back, my son asked me where I was going and I told him that I had to go work out because Daddy is chunky and wants to be skinny, so this past week out of nowhere he said "Daddy, you not chunky, you skinny".  Little moments like that make everything I am doing worth it.  I've been getting more and more comments at work saying how great I look.  Although, I have ways to go to hit my goal weight, I feel great already and I can't even imagine how I'll feel and look in another 7 weeks.  I really plan on continuing this journey of eating healthy and working out after this program ends.  My wife and I have already been discussing it, I know it's going to be a lot harder to do this on my own after the 15 weeks is over but I've come to far to let myself go again.  I've put in too much work to throw it all away.  On Saturday, we did 7 miles.  We were doing 5 mins of walking followed by 5 mins of running.  For the first half we stuck to the 5 & 5 but on our way back we bumped it up to 4 mins of walking and 6 mins of running.  It felt great, each week seems to get a little easier.  We finished in just over 1 hour & 20 mins.  I'm hoping to finish the half marathon in 2 hours & 20 mins.  After finishing our 7 miles on Sat., I feel like this is a pretty realistic goal.  Thank you to everyone to help get through this week and a special thank you to my beautiful wife, Melissa.  She has been so supportive and loving during this program.  The main reason I am working so hard is because I don't want to let her or my kids down.  I have been giving this amazing opportunity and I need to take full advantage of it.  Bring it on week 9!


Week 7

What a great start, I lost 8.2 lbs, which completely surprised me.  40.4 lbs loss in just 6 weeks.  I can't wait to see how much more I can lose in the next 9 weeks.  it feels so good to have a high weight loss, I have been working my butt off so it's good to see that the scales show that.  I volunteered for extra love again this week, Tuesday's extra love was rough, as usual.  Thursday was the first time that I felt hungry and didn't have enough food, I may have to increase my calories a little to help with this.  As our workouts intensity increases, I will need more fuel to recover and push through them.  My oldest son turned 3 on Friday so I had the day off.  We had a great day at the Zoo and then went to get ice cream afterwards.  My wife is absolutely amazing and doesn't want to tempt me with food but I told her I would be fine.  I would rather go out for ice cream then have leftover cake sitting around at home staring at me.  I ate an apple before we went to get ice cream so I already had my dessert.  I am happy to say I didn't indulge in any of the ice cream, I helped feed my youngest son some and just enjoyed watching my boys love their ice cream.  It feels amazing to not have the urge to eat any.  It's not worth throwing away all that hard work I've been doing for a little bit of ice cream.  We were scheduled for 6 miles for Saturday morning.  I was a little worried about it but we had just did 5 miles 2 weeks prior so I knew I could do it.  We were doing 5 mins of walking followed by 5 mins of running.  Our Saturday runs or more designated for building up our stamina so we decided to stick with the 5 and 5 schedule.  We did push it the last 2 sections of running, we ended up running 6 mins instead and I felt great afterwards.  No aches or pains, I can really feel the difference each week.  Running has never been a friend of mine and I'm not sure if I would say it is a friend yet but it's definitely not an enemy anymore.  We were going to our friend's bridal shower on Saturday, I was looking for some khaki shorts to wear, I knew I had kept a few pairs from previous years that hadn't fit me anymore.  I kept looking and looking and couldn't find them, then I realized that I already had them on, I didn't realize they were the ones because they were a little big on me.  I decided to try on a shirt that I haven't worn in a few years because I hated how tight it looked and felt on me and it fit great.  Moments like that help motivate me to keep working at this, we are almost half way through this amazing program, the time is really flying by.  I am looking forward to see how much more weight I can lose in that short time.  Each week I fall more in love with this program and everyone involved in it.  I will be forever in debt to everyone that has helped me in this journey.  I am working so hard to make everyone proud and not let anyone down.  I NEVER WANT TO BE THIS BIG AGAIN!  Too much time and effort have been put in to lose this weight, I can't let it all go to waste.  I can't wait to see what week 8 has in store for me.  



Week 6 

This week started off well, I lost 5.6 lbs, bringing my 5 week total to 32.2 lbs.  I volunteered for extra "love" again this week.  I plan on doing this every week if they allow it, I'm already getting up at 5, so getting up at 4:45 isn't much of a difference.  Tuesday's extra credit was tough, we did some ab workouts.  Rick warned us that we would feel it for a week or so, he wasn't lying.  My abs are sore in places I didn't know could be sore.  Coughing/Sneezing/Laughing was not a fun thing to do the rest of the week.  The workouts were tough this week but we need it.  Every week seems to get a little tougher but also a little easier at the same time.  The intensity of the workouts is definitely increasing but my fitness level is also increasing.  Some of the things we are doing now, I wouldn't have been able to do in week 1.  It's crazy to think how quickly our bodies can start transforming.  My work pants are too big, almost to the point that I need to buy some new ones.  I'm hoping to hold out a little while longer so I don't have to buy clothes multiple times.  I used to hate wearing my jeans the first time after they were washed because they were always a little tight, now I love it because they are actually still a little big on me.  The more running sessions we have, the more I'm starting to enjoy them.  Each week I can feel it getting easier and easier.  For the first week or so, my body would have lots of aches and pains, but not so much anymore.  I believe it was Frank who said that for every pound we lose, it's like 4 pounds of pressure off your knees.  A big thank you to all the running coaches this week, especially Antoinette, Ashley, and Lenny.  All 3 helped push me and run with me during the running sessions.  Also a thank you to Parker and Chantell who I was chasing all Saturday.  I love having someone to pace me and push me to run even harder.  I can't wait to see what the scale shows on Monday and look forward to week 7.  


Week 5

Sunday - We ran our first 5k during the program, this was also my first 5k ever.  We were scheduled to do 8 mins of walking followed by 2 mins of running but we were told if we wanted to run a little more that was allowed.  I asked Ashley, one of our amazing running coaches, if she would run with me.  We decided on doing 5 mins of walking followed by 5 mins of running.  Dan from the red team decided to join in too.  I was a little nervous since we were more than doubling our previous amount of running.  I was so happy that I challenged myself to run more, Ashley was awesome and helping push us through the 5 mins of running.  I ended up finishing the 5k in 34:45 mins. My mile pace was 11:13 mins which is 50 seconds faster than my mile that I ran on my first day of the program, a little less than 4 weeks ago.  Thank you Ashley for pushing me and thank you Dan for running with me.  I know I wouldn't have done as well without you guys there by my side.  

Monday - I woke up and went to spin class, my legs were a little stiff from our 5k but I pushed through it and made it through the class.  I decided to do my 40 of running afterwards, we were scheduled to do 7 mins of walking followed by 3 mins of running, which I thought we be fairly easy.  Boy, was I wrong.  My legs were so sore and stiff from the previous day.  I definitely enjoy running outside more than running in a gym.  I was nervous again for weigh-in.  I only needed to lose 3.2 lbs to be under 300 lbs.  I was so worried this would be the week where I had a low number.  As soon as I heard Rick start calling out my weight with a 2 the stress went away.  Finally under 300 lbs!  A lot of great things have happened while I was over 300 lbs but I hope to never see that number again.  It had been at least 5 or 6 years since the last time I was under 300 lbs.  I lost 4.2 lbs, which brings my total to 26.6 lbs.  We had the privilege of going to St. Francis and tasting so healthy meal options.  Thank you to Bev, one of my Nutritionists, and all of the students that volunteered their time and knowledge.  Also a big thank to the Olive Twist, they brought us samples and a bottle to make our own salad dressing.  I will definitely be visited their store several times.

Tuesday - I volunteered for extra credit for the week, along with several others.  Extra credit or extra love as they call means you come in at 5:30 to do a short workout before the normal workout starts at 6.  We did the sleds again.  We started out slower to get loose and warmed up but by the end of it my legs were burning and I was sweating.  I learned that the more fit you are, the more you sweat.  I noticed that I have been sweating a lot more these past few weeks and I like it.  I feel like if I'm not sweating then I'm not working out as hard as I can.  For the normal workout, Mari took us up the Gravity machines.  The best way to describe these machines is that it's an inclined bench that has handles that you pull or a base that you push off of that are attached to a pulley system.  So there are no weights added to it, the weight is your body weight.  These machines look deceiving, you think this would be easier since you get to lay down but that's not the case.  Mari kicked our butt, we were exhausted by the end of it but I enjoyed it.  With the Gravity machines, you don't have the pounding or impact on your joints so you feel it completely in your muscles.  I didn't have to work on Tuesday because oldest son had a Dr. appt. in Indy.  I knew my wife would want to get lunch down there, she loves Boston Market and wants to go there anytime we are down there.  So I packed my lunch and my snacks so I wouldn't have to eat something that I'm not supposed to.  I thought it would be fairly easy but it was hard sitting there, not being able to eat the food or drink a pop.  It wasn't even that I was hungry or really wanted it but it was the fact that I couldn't have it.  I was happy with myself that I didn't cave in, not that my wife would have let me anyways.  After we got back from Indy, I decided to go to Spiece and attempt my first try at Rick's challenge, 100 floors on the Stair Climber.  HOLY CRAP, what a workout.  I was able to complete it in 21:00 mins.  I was very proud of my time but learned that I had a little help since I held the side rails for part of.  This makes it easier because your arms are holding up some of your body weight so the stairs are a little easier.  I told Rick and Tina that I would be sure to not use the side rails at all for my 2nd attempt.  

Wednesday - CC was back in charge, we did circuit workouts.  We had 10 stations; Stairs, Step-ups (on the bleachers), Triceps Dips (on the bleachers), Squats (on the bleachers), Push Ups (on the bleachers), Wall Sits, Biceps Curls, Planks, Side to side shuffles w/ workout bands on our legs, and Crunches.  We did 1 min at each station, after 1 rotation through all stations we ran a lap then prepared ourselves for round 2.  We stopped a little bit earlier so we didn't make it through all 10 stations the 2nd time through.  The trainers shared a few things with us that had most of us in tears, including myself.  The amount of love and care from everyone involved in this program is unreal.  I am so thankful to be apart of this program and for all the friendships and bonds that have been created because of it.  

Thursday - So Thursday started off on a bad note, the storms knocked out the power at Spiece so our workout was cancelled.  The bad part wasn't that the power was out, it was that I decided to go back to sleep instead of going to workout on my own at the YMCA.  I was pissed at myself all day long and still am a little upset about it.  I've been making excuses and choosing to be lazy long enough.  I promise I will not let this happen again, NO EXCUSES.  I took 15 mins longer on my lunch so I could workout a little longer to help make up for not doing a morning workout, hopefully my laziness won't hurt me on the scale. 


Week 4


I woke up early to go to spin class on Monday.  I think I am starting to get addicted, just waiting for my butt to get used to the pain of sitting on the bike seat.  I actually look forward to the “hills” so I can stand up.  Mari is awesome; she’s great at pushing us and is always smiling.  Afterwards I decided to get my 40 mins of running in; we were doing 8 mins of walking followed by 2 mins of running.  I actually felt pretty good during this and felt like I could have ran more than 2 mins at a time.  I was pretty nervous all day about the weigh-in, like previous weeks.  I want to make sure that all my hard-work from the previous week shows on the scale.  My goal for the week was 8.6lbs; this would get me under 300.  Rick read out the number and as soon as I heard 3, I was disappointed.  I ended up losing 5.4lbs which is still a great number and after my initial disappointed faded away, I was proud of myself. 



EJ was back on Tuesday leading the workouts.  We did circuit workouts again.  Tina had us do stairs.  Katelyn showed us how to use some of the cardio machines (stair stepper & elliptical).  Josh and Rick had us doing sleds again but this time there were 3 different types of sleds.  The worse was the one we had to push going backwards.  My legs were burning going down then we had to push it back.  Another one was attached to a rope and we had to pull it towards us then push it back down.  Michaela was jumping on the sled to add weight for some people.  She was on it for the person ahead of me and was asking Rick if she needed to stay on for me.  Before Rick could even answer, I yelled “Stay on” and started pulling.  I feel the competitor in me coming out and I love it.   I worked out on my lunch and ran into Shawn from the orange team.  It is so awesome having someone at work that is going through this with me.  We help support and motivate each other.  We decided to run/walk together and do pushups/crunches in between.  I definitely worked out a little bit harder since I had someone else there with me.  I’m so thankful to be a part of this program with him and getting to know each other better. 



CC in charge for Wednesday so I knew it would be a rough day.  We did A LOT of punches, high knees, and wall-sits.  My shoulders and legs were burning so much that I looked forward to running a suicide.  I love our workouts with CC, not so much during them but afterwards I appreciate how hard she pushes us.  I decided to come to Wednesday’s run instead of Thursday with the hopes of being outside but of course the weather didn’t cooperate.  Hopefully one of these weeks the weather will be nice so we can run outside.  Running is easier for me when we aren’t running laps but running a course instead. 



So Thursday did not start out great.  I overslept and didn’t get to the workouts until 6:10.  I was so embarrassed and upset with myself.  I know Tina will have some extra credit or “love” (as they like to call it) for me but she said we aren’t ready for it yet.  I hope this is the one and only time that happens.  I worked my butt off in the pool; the last thing I wanted was to give them another reason to get on my case. 



I made sure to set an extra alarm to be sure I was at the workout on time.  I actually woke up at 3 & 4 AM because I was so worried about oversleeping.  The workouts were tough just like every other day, we did a few new workouts.  I was exhausted by the end of it; we worked out everything from our legs to our abs, and to our arms.  I’m hoping for a decent weight loss this Monday.  I need to lose more than 3 lbs. to be under 300 for the first time in 6 years or more.  I would love to lose 7.6, that would bring my total weight loss to 30 lbs.  Bring on week 5.


4/16/17 - Week 3

Week 3 is complete and boy did the trainers bring it this week.  Monday morning I decided to wake up early and do spin class taught by Mari.  Afterwards, a few of the alumni were going to do a little workout in the pool so I decided to join them.  Monday evening was our weigh-in and once again I was super nervous.  I decided I wasn't going to look down at the scale for the weigh-in, that way I wouldn't know the results until Rick calls out the number.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear my weight called out.  I lost 8.8 lbs, which bring my 2 total to 17 lbs.  It's great to see that all the hard work I did from the previous showed on the scale.  Tuesday we did stations, CC had us boxing, Rick & Josh had us pushing sleds, and Tina & Katelyn had us doing stairs and squats.  Wednesday we did step aerobics and Parker, Shawn, and myself had the privilege of being on stage and we also got to do burpees while the rest of the group marched in place.  I love the extra work or love (as they like to call it).  I am ready for whatever is thrown my way.  Thursday was back to the pool and just like the past 2 weeks, I was exhausted.  I love the pool because I can give it my all without the fear of hurting my knees or ankles.  Thursday evening was the first time we were able to get outside for a week run.  We were doing 8 mins of walking then 2 mins of running/jogging for 40 mins total.  The group that I stayed with was able get in a little over 3 miles.  On Friday, I woke up early again and went to spin class before our training, I think I'm started to get hooked to it.  It is tough getting up at 4:40 AM but I haven't been getting off of work until 7 or later so it's hard to get a 2nd workout in that late.  CC brought it during our training, we used our boxing gloves again, we spent the majority of time hitting the wall or doing wall sits.  I caught myself almost saying "I quit" but stopped myself.  In the past, I would have quit way before this point.  After the workouts on Friday, I used the roller to help with some tightness in my muscles.  The trainers recommended this to use the first week and stubborn me didn't listen to them but I sure wish I had.  I felt so much better after using this.  My wife went out and bought one for me.  Saturday morning was running training, we were scheduled to do 3 miles.  We were still following the 8 mins of walking & 2 mins of running/jogging.  I was able to stay up with the front of the group and we actually did a little over 3 miles.  Since the weather was so nice, my wife and I decided to take our kids to the park for a picnic.  My wife stayed at the playground with our oldest son while I pushed our youngest son around the park.  I kept up a decent pace and did about 3 miles.  Our boys had an amazing time and so did my wife and I.  I am excited to see what the scales show on Monday evening and ready for week 4 of training.  


4/7/17 - Week 2

Week 2 is almost complete.  These 2 weeks have flown by.  Monday was our first weigh-in to see our weight-loss.  To say I was nervous would be an understatement.  I was happy to lose 8.2 lbs, I would have liked my first week loss to be 10+ but that's just the competitive side of me.    I wasn't able to get many 2nd workouts in last but this week I have been so I'm hoping for a big number on Monday.  This week has definitely been tougher.  I think the trainers have been pushing us a little more, which is a good thing.  They wouldn't push us if they didn't think we could do it.  I would like to thank everyone for all of the support, especially my beautiful wife.  She has basically been super mom this week.  With working out after work, I haven't been getting home until 7 or 8 must nights.  It has definitely been hard seeing my kids and wife less, my oldest son has hard a little bit of a rough time with me not being around as much.  On Thursday, I sent my wife a picture of me in the gym and told her to tell the boys Daddy says hi.  My oldest son said "Hi Daddy, I went to go there" so he can be with me.  I just have to remember that although I missing time with them now, I'm gaining a lot more time with them in the long run.  


 3/28/17 - Week 1

WOW, what a first day of workouts!  The wait is finally over.  I ran my timed mile today and did better than I expected.  I'm very excited to see how much time I can cutout by the end of this program.  Everyone is amazing and so helpful, all of the trainers, the nutritionists, fellow contestants, alumni, Rick & Tina, and everyone else I'm forgetting.  I'm nervous and excited to see what the rest of the week will be like.  

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  • Great blog! Love to hear how family n friends are effected by your journey. Your son will benefit forever for the fit n healthy lifestyle your demonstrating to him. Awesome to hear the thanks to your wife for her support. This is exactly what FWSW is all about. Keep pushing love the competition part of this too. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Guest (Ashley)

    Great job completing 6 miles this morning! It's been such a joy to see your progress over the past 7 weeks, especially in the running portion. I cannot wait to see what you can do come race day! I love how transparent you are in your blogs...I have really enjoyed reading them. Here's to another great week with even more miles in the books.

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  • Anthony-
    LOVED reading your blog! So funny about how your AB's feel after the EL with Rick! Yep, doing the ball can REALLY making your ABS SORE!!
    Love reading about your clothes not starting to fit!! OH what feeling to know you will need new clothes!! Yeah, you might want to wait a little bit!
    Your right, the intensity is picking up! Each week everyone continues to get stronger and you are ready to push to the next level.
    Glad you are loving running and are feeling more comfortable. For each pound you lose its actually 8 lbs of pressure off your knees!! We talk about this a lot and thus why you feel better:) Keep up the great work. The entire team is with you every step of the way!

    Week 7 here we come!

    Let's do this!


    Tina and Rick

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  • Anthony, Your drive is amazing! You are kicking butt in this program ! You should be so proud of yourself ,I know we are of you :)Thank you for being such a fantastic leader in our team and pushing us all by rallying when we don't think we can anymore . I really appreciate you!#breakoutblue!!!

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  • Wanted to stop by and tell u good job on how hard u have been working and how u have been killing it!! You are Definitely motivation to keep pushing and working hard!!

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  • Great blog! That is exactly why we want you to blog. Loved the preparing for the Boston Market ,and really loved how you kinda beat yourself up for not doing something on the missed workout day at Spiece. There will be a time in 11 weeks where it will be your choice to continue your new healthy lifestyle. You are learning already. Thanks Rick and Tina

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  • Anthony, thank you for today. I don't know if you know this or not but your talking thru the wall sits really pushed me to stay down and hold the whole time. I needed that today and was so proud when that minute was over and I held it.
    Sometimes we do or say things and don't really know the impact it has on each other and I just wanted u to know that I needed that and appreciated it.
    Go Blue!!!!

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  • Anthony is our team anchor - he's the one that's consistently pumping out words of encouragement while he leads by example. Every single session we are all giving each other encouragement and support but Anthony is really pushing us all, constantly.

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  • Guest (Rose Murphy)

    I am so happy for you that you have support at work with Shawn and Tamika! How cool that you and Shawn accidentally worked out together at lunch!
    I love that you told Michaela to stay on the sled! Yep competitiveness is definitely coming out!
    That is funny that you felt the suicides were a reprieve next to all the other things you were given in that workout...I felt the same way!
    Congratulations on making it out of the 300's!!!!

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  • Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you speaking up and pushing us all in workouts. I am still at the point that I am so winded that I can barely speak, but hearing you call us to push helps me stay in the exercise mentally and try to hold that wall sit longer than I think I can or that plank or just do a couple extra push ups. Thanks for caring and leading!

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